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Twitch Streamer Stalker Is Running Rampant, Posts 400-Page Manifesto of Complete Insanity

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:23 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:23 PM
  • AngelsKimi is a variety Twitch Streamer with a decent following.
  • She seems to have gotten herself an obsessive ‘superfan’.
  • This superfan has shown up at other streamers’ events and recently posted a hugely long manifesto demanding they start a relationship.

Putting yourself out there can be difficult, especially online. Once you put something on the internet it tends to be there forever. If you’re a content creator you can end up with some pretty obsessive fans. Such is the case for a Twitch streamer known as AngelsKimi.

AngelsKimi is a variety Twitch streamer . She will stream anything from gameplay footage to reactions and even cooking. Her fanbase is pretty sizable, sitting at around a quarter of a million followers on Twitch. She also happens to have a superfan stalker who may end up being pretty dangerous.

Who Is This Twitch Streamer Stalker?

The stalker in question goes by the moniker Angelic . Described by many as a superfan, and by many others as a meme, Angelic likes Twitch Streamers. He likes them just a little bit too much. Just how much? Well, apparently enough to want to destroy the world.

The earliest point in this story, or rather the earliest point in this story we have access to, starts back in late 2018. Around this time Angelic is already being thought of as AngelKimi’s stalker, according to a YouTube video about him . The video in question shows him turning up at the house of a streamer called Ice Poseidon. Turning up, and walking straight through the front door.

Angelic himself said that he had been a member of AngelKimi’s community for two years at the time. He also went on to talk about how Kimi had called him the love of her life on several occasions, and how he has been interpreting her responses from things she has said while streaming.

Angelic - Twitch Streamer Stalker
When Angelic arrived at the event there was a lot of nervous energy from the streamers in the room. | Source: YouTube

The Incidents Continued

Angelic also showed up at other events, doing things such as threatening to camp outside of hotels that streamers were staying at . But that’s not even the ‘crazy’ part. No, things got really crazy when he uploaded his manifesto.

He describes the document as a book, but it’s available on a website and as a PDF . This is 400-plus pages of complete insanity. It rambles through a philosophical discussion about the nature of being and of the universe, while also somehow managing to be about Kimi and why she needs to get into a relationship with Angelic.

In fact, Kimi is mentioned no less than 346 times throughout the entire thing. Most troublingly there’s a section headed ‘hits’, which seems to list the people Angelic plans to take out first when he starts ‘flying around and destroying the world’. The hits section is an eclectic list ranging from his own biological parents to YouTuber Shane Dawson for some reason.

What to Do About This Twitch Streamer Stalker

I really want to make it clear that this situation isn’t really all that funny at all. For folks like Kimi and Ice Poseidon, it’s clearly a little worrying. This guy seems unstable and has shown his willingness to just show up out of nowhere. More than that, I’m worried for Angelic himself.

The guy clearly has some mental health issues. It’s not hard to see why if half of what he says about his early life is true. It seems like the best thing that could happen right now would be for someone to reach out and offer him some help. He certainly needs it before things get any worse.