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Twitch Needs More Wholesome Content Like This NZ Prime Minister Cameo

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Streamer broxh_ is bucking the trend of selfish, unkind Twitch streamers.
  • In his most recent stream, the Prime Minister of New Zealand herself showed up.
  • Not only is this an iconic moment in streaming history, but it’s also precisely the sort of positive PR that the site needs.

Twitch has a reputation for scandal and insanity, but streamer broxh_ managed to buck that trend.

Not only is he an incredibly popular streamer with over one million followers , but his content is very wholesome. He’s from New Zealand, and he carves traditional Maori sculptures live while listening to music and chatting with his fans.

In one of his latest streams, the Prime Minister of New Zealand even stopped in to hang out with him .

This sort of wholesome content is what Twitch needs.

Twitch - Broxh_ stream reaction
A Reddit thread discussing the once-in-a-lifetime stream. | Source: Reddit 

Twitch Needs to Be More Wholesome

Twitch has been no stranger to controversy over the past five years. Even taking only the past 12 months into account, the platform has been embroiled in scandals from potential animal abuse to sexual assault allegations. Examples of streamers that break this harmful mold are rare.

It would be good if some of this wholesome content could become the thing Twitch is known for, rather than for the scandals and swearing teenagers.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand’s visit is an excellent start to that. It’s undoubtedly a high-profile team-up. The leader of an entire nation turned up to hang out with one of New Zealand’s most popular streamers. The best part is that fans online seem to be completely loving the meetup . You can see how wholesome the entire event was in the video below.

The Actual Meeting Was Adorable

Part of the reason that broxh_ feels so wholesome is that he’s such a friendly and kind person. Whenever he gets subscriptions on Twitch, he seems embarrassed and hopes the person doing the subbing doesn’t need the money for themselves . It’s shocking to see a streamer who cares more about their viewers’ wellbeing than their financial gain.

The wholesomeness continued when the Prime Minister turned up. She not only seemed genuinely interested in broxh_’s wood carving but also encouraged him to engage in one of this channel’s memes . The reception couldn’t have been better, and many recognized it as an iconic moment for the streaming platform.

If Twitch wants to shake their dreadful public image, they need to ditch their more toxic creators and start promoting the hell out of people like broxh_.

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