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Trump’s Manic Stock Market Gaffe Completely Dumbfounds Twitter

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
  • President Donald Trump made an amazing gaffe referring to “409K’s” in a wild stock market tweet Thursday morning.
  • How could this be a typo? The numbers 1 and 9 are on opposite sides of the keyboard.
  • To be fair, the S&P 500 index is up over 70% since 2016.

In an absolutely caffeine-fueled ALL CAPS tweet about the “STOCK MARKET” on Thursday morning, Donald Trump asked followers how their 409K’s are doing.

Of course, the only problem is the tax-sheltered retirement savings plan Trump was referring to is called a 401(k).

trump 409K tweet stock market typo
Source: Twitter  (Since deleted, link is to Trump’s corrected tweet)

Trump quickly deleted the 409K tweet and retweeted it with the correct term. If he were a true savage, Trump would have left the tweet up the way it was, warts and all.

It could be that number 45 is getting soft on us. Maybe impeachment is getting to him.

But the real question this morning is: Did Trump actually think it’s called a 409K? Or at least get retirement accounts mixed up with the famous 409 cleaning formula brand?

409K Could Not Have Been A Typo

409k tweet 1 and 9 nowhere near each other on keyboard
Source: Twitter 

How could this even be a typo, Trump? The “1” and “9” keys are on completely opposite sides of the keyboard! And we know you have small hands, Mr. President.

The only other explanation I can think of is the Donald’s phone auto-corrected “401” to “409.” But that would only happen if Trump frequently tweets “409.”

The conspiracy theorists could run wild with this and the boxes of Sudafed in Trump Tower, especially after 24 hours of “#SniffyMcAdderall ” trending.

The all-caps tweet and high energy, Wolf of Wall Street-style stock market pumping would make the theory more appealing.

Stock Market Gains Aren’t Fake News

409k tweet flame
Source: Twitter 

But all joking aside, the stock market gains touted definitely aren’t a typo. We all goof from time to time. Obama said he’d visited all 57 states .

That hasn’t stopped the stock market from blowing up during both their administrations.

One of the most popular replies to Trump’s 409K tweet misleadingly claims no one’s 401(k) is up 70%. Building on the gains in the final year of Obama’s presidency, the diversified S&P 500 index is up over 70% today since Jan. 2016 .

Assuming someone is constantly contributing to their 401(k), and taking into account automatically reinvested stock market dividends, these figures aren’t far out there.