Trump Won’t Fund Meghan Markle & Harry – Should’ve Denied Them U.S. Entry

March 29, 2020 10:23 PM UTC
Donald Trump emphatically denied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle free protection reserved for "royals." He should've never let them move here in the first place. Now they're just another distraction.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will reportedly need to ask President Trump for free, diplomatic protection.
  • Trump emphatically denied them today.
  • He should’ve never let them move to the U.S. Now they’re just a distraction during a global pandemic.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent move to Los Angeles is, like everything they do, shrouded in controversy. According to International Business Times, the celebrity couple would need to seek Donald Trump’s approval for diplomatic protection.

In one of the few moves where he’s seemingly united Americans, Donald Trump gave these two and emphatic “NO” today.

Trump’s message was loud and clear. | Source: Twitter

Not only was he right to deny them, but if he’s really treating them like everyone else, he never should’ve let them enter the U.S. in the first place.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle No Longer Qualify For Free Security

The former royal couple may have forgotten what it means to be royal. As members of the royal family, they would qualify for perks like diplomatic protection in the U.S. But, when you forfeit your royal status, you forfeit your perks.

According to a source from the Daily Mail, they will no longer qualify protection once they fully complete “Megxit” next week.

The article states:

A royal source said the pair’s stepping down removes any obligation on the U.S. government to pay for their security.

In this case, they would have to ask Donald Trump for an exception. Considering his pathetic response to the coronavirus pandemic, he smartly wasted little time considering this payment.

Donald Trump Is Already Distracted by These Two

Trump has plenty on his plate right now, and he’s already done a terrible job at clearing it. His coronavirus response has been disturbing at best. He’s delayed critical decisions that will cost Americans their lives.

According to CBS News, Prince Harry recently said Trump has “blood on his hands” due to his climate change response. Prince Harry is absolutely right, but nonetheless, he bit the hand from which he was hoping to eat.

The Government of Canada already refused to foot the couple’s bill. Luckily, Trump followed suit.

Trump needs to focus all of his efforts on stopping and treating COVID-19. Not only would it be foolish to waste money on this couple; it would infuriate Americans. He can’t be spending millions on a washed-up couple when so many Americans are struggling.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Should Not Even Be Allowed in the U.S.

President Trump already closed off the U.S.-Canada borders to “non-essential” travel. Could someone please tell me what’s ‘essential’ about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to the U.S.?

Americans are already over these two. | Source: Twitter

The last thing Los Angeles needs is two more people with delusions of Hollywood glory. Why would they even move here during a global pandemic? After Meghan Markle forbade Prince Harry from travelling to the U.K., it’s utterly hypocritical to move to the U.S.

After creating disruptions back home, they’re bringing more to America. If Trump feels like they shouldn’t be treated differently than normal people, he should send them packing. At least until the pandemic slows and the U.S. reopens its borders. Until then, they’re just a royal distraction.

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