Trump’s Latest Ghislaine Maxwell Blabber Fuel Epstein Death Conspiracy

Trump has stoked Epstein conspiracy theories by wishing Ghislaine Maxwell "well" in prison and suggesting that Epstein may have been murdered.

  • Trump has stoked Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories by wishing Ghislaine Maxwell “well” in prison and suggesting that Epstein may have been murdered.
  • People are suggesting online that Trump may know something the public doesn’t, while others claim the president is threatening Maxwell.
  • But Trump’s own administration has concluded that Epstein died by suicide, so maybe Trump should listen to his own experts.

Donald Trump has wished Ghislaine Maxwell “well” in prison, fuelling conspiracy theories that Jeffrey Epstein was killed in jail. Speaking in an interview, the president said that her former partner — the convicted sex offender Epstein — was “either killed or committed suicide in jail.”

By declaring that he hopes Maxwell isn’t murdered while in prison, Trump has lent credibility to the idea that Epstein was himself murdered. His remarks have stoked a strong reaction online, inviting further speculation that something is being covered up.

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Epstein’s death is certainly a bizarre episode in recent American history. But Trump is the president, and rather than speculating on national TV, he may be better off listening to his Attorney General, the FBI and the DoJ.

Donald Trump Thinks Epstein May Have Been Murdered And Ghislaine Maxwell Could Be

Speaking last night on an episode of HBO’s Axios, Donald Trump explained why he wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well.

The FBI had arrested “socialite” Maxwell in July on multiple counts related to child sex trafficking. It, therefore, seems odd that anyone might have something nice to say about her.

Trump explained that his benevolence doesn’t relate to Maxwell possibly escaping justice. It relates more to the fact that her former partner, Epstein, died in jail in August 2019.

Her friend or boyfriend was either killed or committed suicide in jail. She’s now in jail. Yeah, I wish her well.

So Trump hopes that Maxwell doesn’t die in prison, like Jeffrey Epstein. His remarks make it clear that he still suspects that someone murdered Epstein, and that someone might try to kill Maxwell.

Trump explained further that he really believes that questions surrounding Epstein’s death haven’t been answered.

Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to figure out how did it happen. Was it suicide? Was he killed?

Trump’s remarks have predictably incited a flurry of speculation online. Some Twitter users have suggested that the president knows something the public doesn’t.

Some Twitter users seem to think the president is hiding information. | Source: Twitter

Others think that Trump’s remarks should be receiving more attention. Because the President of the United States surely wouldn’t believe that a murder has been covered up without good reason.

One Twitter user is confused as to why more attention isn’t being lavished on Trump’s remarks. | Source: Twitter

More Than One Conspiracy

The Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory is based on the premise that Epstein likely had large amounts of dirt on the rich and powerful. Files related to the Epstein case name everyone from Prince Andrew to Alan Dershowitz as having benefited from Epstein’s procurement of underage girls.

The theory also points out a number of irregularities surrounding Epstein’s death in jail. Forensic pathologists hired by Epstein’s brother have stated that his autopsy “points to homicide”. There’s also the fact that authorities chose to leave Epstein alone in his cell, despite having been on suicide watch. And so on.

But there are also many variations surrounding this core theory. Some journalists have pointed to Trump’s potential involvement with Epstein’s death. And with Trump’s latest remarks, some people have claimed online that the president is actually threatening Ghislaine Maxwell.

A Twitter user claims Trump is threatening Ghislaine Maxwell. | Source: Twitter

It’s worth pointing out that, aside from Trump himself, the U.S. government has concluded that Epstein really did take his own life. Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr concluded death by suicide, basing his verdict on FBI and DoJ investigations.

So if his experts are saying Epstein died by suicide, why is Trump himself so unsure?

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