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TRON’s Expansion Journey Seeking for a New Life — More Talented Employees Were Recruited

Last Updated May 16, 2023 4:13 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 4:13 AM

Anyone who follows crypto will remember September 4, 2017.

On September 4, 2017, the People’s Bank of China announced an immediate ban on ICOs, defining ICOs as an illegal funding activity.

Shortly after on September 15, Beijing announced closures of Bitcoin exchanges and required exchanges to pause all transactions by September 30. In November, all transactions of digital currency fiat trading pairs in China were terminated. Faced with these circumstances, exchange platforms announced that they will go overseas.

Many Chinese blockchain projects took a hard hit, including TRON, which has taken off since then.

2017 was an important year for crypto. For TRON, it was a year the company fought against all odds.


TRON was able to persevere despite what was perceived to be a bleak future for crypto. The company made adjustments from multiple fronts and was listed on renowned exchanges around the world, partnering with leading blockchain companies. TRON put special effort in building out the team with outstanding hires.

Blockchain technology research is the main driver behind blockchain projects cropping up, which makes it evident that a robust talent pool is a key factor for promoting growth and development. Justin Sun has emphasized the importance of talent on several occasions, saying,

“In the blockchain revolution, having the right talent is crucial to the development of blockchain technology. Obtaining diverse and innovative talent is the key to effectively resolving the variety of issues we may encounter along the way.”

TRON has a strong technical team, with outstanding members like Lucien Chen, former data expert from Tencent and Alibaba. Lucien joined the company in October 2017, bringing with him rich experience in big data, ad algorithms, DMP, BT, and CTR platforms. Chen has experience in developing system architecture one the hundred-million level and high-concurrency system architecture. After joining TRON, Chen’s work revolves around mainnet development and managing the global technical team, monitoring progress for various development projects. Chen is a great beginning to building a technical A-team.

In order to tap into the talent market, TRON posted many jobs in November 2017 and launched a referral campaign. Anyone who refers a candidate who is later onboard will receive a free iPhone X. This helped TRON get many great employees onboard.

During the mainnet launch livestream on May 31, 2018, Justin Sun provided on overview of the current TRON team:

Starting with less than twenty people, TRON quickly grew to a global team of 200, with an average of one new hire a day. Not only does the TRON team hails from mainstream Internet companies like Alibaba, Tencent, and Facebook, they have diverse backgrounds, covering seven countries distributed across four continents. Different languages, cultures, and geographies create a powerful synergy within the organization.

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Sun also elaborated on his goals for the team:

We will continue to expand in Q3. By end of 2018, TRON will reach 500 headcount, with 1,000+ next year. Not only will we be the fastest growing blockchain team in the world, we will also be the largest and most diverse.

TRON tapped into the market again in mid-June 2018, hiring for talent in different categories, e.g. blockchain engineers, SDETs, overseas operations, finance, and editors. These new hires brought more diversity to the team.

June 25 will be TRON Independence Day. TRON will officially shed its identity was an ERC20 token and launch its mainnet. In an effort to support this event, the team thought of some ways to recruit from the community.

TRON announced “Call for Core Tronics” on various platforms, aimed at creating buzz for TRON Independence Day. This won’t be the last time that TRON will recruit from the Tronics community–more events are in the pipeline.

Looking back on TRON’s journey, it’s easy to see that the project is an ambitious one, aiming to become a leader in the industry. The reason TRON has been able to achieve so much in just 10 months is largely due to their ability to leverage opportunities for growth and a deep understanding of the blockchain industry.