TripAlly Uncomplicates Travel

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Recently a British Chef on holiday in Greece was charged £8000 when her phone connected to a Turkish network. Such incidents are not isolated, there is also the case of Daniel Jeffery who was smacked with a £18,000 bill after a four day trip to Dubai. Interestingly in both these cases the mobile providers claimed that the respective customers had removed their data caps while holidaying in Turkey. Would you rather be dealing with data caps, roaming and international roaming hassles or try a solution more fit for the 21st century that provides seamless connectivity wherever you may travel?

TripAlly is emerging as a platform that can put an end to common travel issues and let travellers explore the world as it should be – without borders. TripAlly will provide international connectivity through phone services. They will also be providing services like foreign exchange, tickets and transportation. TripAlly users will also be able to visit attractions and attend events in destination countries.

It is the experience that matters

Visiting a new country is all about gaining great local experiences. By partnering with locals TripAlly is able to provide their users with unique flavours and events. As an example, TripAlly recently partnered with Full Metal Dojo in Thailand for an event FMD15: Come Out to Play, powered by TripAlly at Insanity Nightclub, Bangkok.Full Metal Dojo are Thailand’s leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization  and TripAlly has entered into a sponsorship deal with them. Jon Nutt, CEO of Kingdom Co. the production company behind Full Metal Dojo talking about the partnership says, “The partnership between Full Metal Dojo and TripAlly solidifies not only a bright future for Thai MMA, but it solidifies Kingdom Company and TripAlly as real players in the tourism industry in Southeast Asia. Both companies are looking to make travel and tourism quick and easy, fun and free. We want more people to come to Thailand and enjoy its natural beauty and shots to the face. TripAlly and Full Metal Dojo, knocking out old ways to usher in the new. Bangkok, Thailand, you should go there.”

Aleksey Gordienko, CEO of TripAlly was also ecstatic about the partnership, “We are happy to provide a professional platform for talented MMA fighters and their fans. We believe that cooperation with Full Metal Dojo will bring international exposure to regional MMA fighters, and promote Thailand as a hub for the best MMA gyms and events in the Southeast Asia region.”

Remove obstacles to enjoyment

In order for tourists to make the best of any given locale and actually enjoy these partnerships they need to be able to know that they are in good hands. TripAlly is hoping to become the one stop solution to all their needs. They provide a singular point of access to tourists in the form of a mobile application that provides access to data on local mobile providers without the need for either replacing their home country sim card or having to hire a portable wi-fi device. TripAlly are planning to launch their services in ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia. The service will be powered by the ALLY token, which is at the heart of the TripAlly ecosystem.

ALLY will be your companion when you travel

While successful crowdsales and tokenisation projects have been numerous, building acceptance for these tokens has been a challenge. Even popular digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin have found it hard to gain a foothold in everyday transactions. TripAlly understands that acceptance is important, that is why they are working hard to build transactional utility. A key strategy for them has been to not focus on any particular type business or venue as a chief beneficiary for the ALLY token. Diverse businesses and venues can take advantage of the convenience offered by the ALLY token whether they are restaurants, cafes or even a massage business. TripAlly will be useful for tourists but its use is not just limited to them, even locals can use the tokens. Locations that accept the ALLY token can be identified because there will be a bright orange sticker on their doors for identification. Cointelegraph was told that hundreds of staff are being trained for accepting the ALLY token and it has wider acceptance in Bangkok than both Bitcoin and Ether combined.

Why and how to buy ALLY tokens

ALLY tokens are being sold currently in an initial coin offering (ICO). The crowdsale will continue till November 30, 2017. During the ICO, the initial price of an ALLY token is 0.005 ETH or 200 tokens for each ETH. Each ALLY token equals to one day of mobile internet access. After the ICO, TripAlly will charge US$ 3 per day of mobile internet. This makes gains palpable for investors. A whitepaper is available from TripAlly that has all the details on fund allocation, future plans etc. Details on the ICO are available on the TripAlly website.

Getting access to ALLY tokens earlier during the ICO will not only be exciting for those locals and travellers that want to start using services from TripAlly but also be of interest to investors who want to build a future where seamless connectivity is not just a pipedream but a reality. The added bonus being of taking a token from digital sphere and putting it into use in everyday life and thus effectively bridging the divide between the crypto and ‘real’ worlds.