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Trina McGee Shamefully Blames PMS for Boy Meets World Racism Bombshell

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
Kate Prince
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
  • Star of the ’90s fan favorite Boy Meets World, Trina McGee, accused cast members of racism in January.
  • McGee alleged that she was subject to all manner of slurs, including being called Aunt Jemima.
  • Now, in a twist of events, McGee has taken it all back and said she was “PMSing.”

Trina McGee, who played Angela in Boy Meets World, has single-handedly undone years of progress in both feminism and racial equality.

This complex story started back in January when Trina took to Twitter to drop some dangerous bombshells . She said that her time on the popular ’90s show was a far cry from the wholesome family fun it seemed.

Trina McGee accuses Boy Meets World co-stars of racism
Source: Twitter 

In a string of tweets, McGee described scenarios where she was treated differently, heavily insinuating that she was the victim of racism during her time on the series. According to her, one castmember called her “Aunt Jemima,” but this was just the tip of the iceberg. Among other things, the actress said she was treated differently and made to feel lesser than her colleagues.

Although Trina didn’t name the people in question, she didn’t hold back.

Trina McGee accuses Boy Meets World stars of racism
Source: Twitter 

When a fan pointed out that Angela is largely forgotten about when people discuss the show, Trina had a strong opinion:

I’m left out because of fear and jealousy. Crew was always great. I’m talking about three acting colleagues.

Trina McGee Blames Her Menstrual Cycle for Starting Racism Row

Fast forward a handful of months later, and Trina McGee went live on Instagram to take it all back. Yep, apparently, the world at large and the colleagues she pointed the finger at were all victims of PMS. She’s had a change of heart and isn’t sure if she would call it racism at all.

So, just to recap, that’s an actress who made some big accusations against former colleagues, only to blame it on PMS. What’s more, she says she really loves everyone she worked with on the show.

Trina McGee
Source: Instagram 

I can’t figure out what’s more damaging here. If Trina did feel like she experienced injustice at the hands of co-stars, why is she suddenly backing down? As if racial equality isn’t a big enough issue, why is she running to the hills and acting like it never happened? Does she lack the courage of her convictions, or is she just a girl that cried wolf to stay relevant?

What’s more, to blame it on PMS is a poor excuse that belittles the rest of womankind. This is a stereotype that females have been trying to escape for hundreds of years. It wasn’t that long ago that women used to be thrown in psychiatric wards and dubbed “hysterical” for merely having feelings.

In this era of #MeToo, we don’t need an actress kicking up a storm just to stand back and say “oops” when it starts raining. If you can’t handle the heat, Trina, get out of the kitchen.

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