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TriForce Tokens Holding Token Sale for Blockchain Ecosystem Development

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Games development marketplace TriForce Tokens continues to disrupt the gaming ecosystem with the development of its blockchain platform which is scheduled for deployment in 2019. A token sale is currently underway to fund the platform’s development.

TriForce Tokens Creating Gaming Marketplace

Currently in the last stages of their token sale, TriForce Token is a leading UK-based games marketplace that is designed to directly connect gamers and indie game developers. It will increase player retention by creating an active community where ideas will be shared and feedback enhanced for better game development while reducing costs in the process.

TriForce Tokens has rallied much support from private venture capital firms and other investment professionals in 2018. Some of its achievements thus far include winning The Block award as “the most innovative use of blockchain in gaming & entertainment 2018,” and also a partnership with MediaGame.

The TriForce Tokens platform has released some PC and mobile games already. The prime example of this is Eximius, a hybrid FPS and RTS game that pits five-men teams against each other for domination. This has attracted a lot of buzz from the gaming community and helped increase the number of users on the platform. They also have plans to release more games soon.

The project is designed to become a scalable blockchain-based gaming market. It plans to accomplish this by eliminating its current limitations of being on the Ethereum network through the development of its own blockchain on Lisk.

TriForce Tokens’ Token Sale Bonuses Available

The community can expect the testnet version of the platform as early as the first quarter of 2019, while the mainnet is planned for the middle part of next year. Upon deployment of TriForce Token’s new blockchain, current ERC-20 FORCE tokens will be swapped for the blockchain’s new gaming token in a 1:1 ratio.

The last phase of the FORCE token sale is ongoing, with a price of USD 0.15 for 1 FORCE. There is a bonus discount for early participants which starts at 15 percent and drops by five percent each week thereafter.

TriForce Tokens Blockchain Features

Gamers need the best network service and speed is an important part of that. The blockchain advantages will include a higher speed in transactions per second and for this, the Lisk blockchain will be leveraged. They will actively transfer their platform onto the Lisk network and create a fork from there.

More so, the coding language for their new blockchain will be in JavaScript, which is widely used among software developers. This will help many developers, including those of non-blockchain expertise, to understand the blockchain and seize the opportunity to develop third-party apps on the network.

The primary consensus model to be employed are proof of play (PoP) and proof of stake (PoS) algorithms. This will essentially keep the TriForce Tokens ecosystem completely decentralized, giving the gaming community total control.

Another important feature to be expected on the TriForce Tokens blockchain is the Zero Gas feature, which will allow platform users to carry out transactions at no cost at all.

With the ability to deploy third-party apps on the TriForce Tokens platform, developers can continue to monetize their content on the platform, and also open up the community to a wide pool of gamers.

The digital assets on the blockchain will be of two types. The first will be utility tokens, which are the fungible FORCE tokens that will be used for in-game purchases. The second will be a collectible, non-fungible token.

To learn more about TriForce Tokens visit the website, read the whitepaper and follow TriForce Token on Twitter.

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