TradeCloud Reaches Private Round Hard Cap of $5 Million in a Month

TradeCloud have announced the launch of the public round of their Swiss based Security Token Offering, having completed the private round of $5 million in a month.

The public round will run for 3 months and is expected to raise $15 million.

A speedy completion of the private round demonstrates that others also share our enthusiasm for this great project”, said Simon Collins, CEO of TradeCloud. He added that “TradeCloud’s platform provides unparalleled market access for companies in the commodities industry.”

The platform which was launched at the end of 2017, already boasts nearly 500 users across more than 35 countries. Over $ 1billion worth of trades have been initiated on the TradeCloud platform. TradeCloud are building The Commodities Web, based on blockchain technology, to complete their offering over full trade cycle.

About the TradeCloud STO

The TradeCloud Token (TCST) has both utility and security features.

The token’s utility feature, allows the token holder to exchange their tokens for internal credits on the TradeCloud platform at a discounted rate. Whilst holding the token, the token holder will receive a profit share from the company,” explained Matthew Botell, COO of the company.

Interested parties are recommended to visit the company’s dedicated website for further details. The process of investing can be commenced by becoming “whitelisted” on inacta’s token gate platform via the STO website. Regular updates on the company development and the STO process can be obtained by following the company on;

Telegram –


LinkedIn –

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About TradeCloud

TradeCloud is a communications platform designed specifically for the physical commodities industry. It provides a secure and compliant environment, open to all market participants. This helps TradeCloud members find the commodities they need at competitive prices. 

TradeCloud has plans to provide a network of post trade services such as logistics, finance, and documents, all connected on the TradeCloud Commodities Web, centred around blockchain technology.

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