Trade Token (TIO) Holders on Standby for Huge Crypto Airdrop from

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Exchange platform has announced a huge airdrop campaign aimed to provide more value to portfolios of existing holders of its existing Trade Token (TIO), by giving them free crypto consisting of perhaps hundreds of different alternative tokens and coins.

Airdropping Tokens to Loyal TIO Holders

All TIO holders automatically qualify for all ongoing token airdrops from tokens experiencing successful token sales – each of these token sales will have passed a rigorous vetting process by’s veteran consultants. This ensures AML compliance, technical suitability and long-term sustainability, ensuring all of them are high potential projects.

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The Swiss-based platform has a target of up to 2 million tokens, if not more, distributed via airdrop for every verified token sale to loyal TIO holders. Clients already passing the strict vetting processes and are now waiting to distribute their free tokens include TV-TWO, token sale Watchdog, INGOT Coin, DarcMatter, ZeroEdge.

Waiting in the wing are another 50 more token sales, potentially giving TIO holders up to 100 million free coins over the coming months.

Qualifying for the airdrop

All TIO community members already in Telegram groups of both and the token sale client will be automatically selected for a preset percentage of tokens during the airdrop. Furthermore, those TIO holders who participate in client token sales via the airdrop web page stand to receive even more free coins via a raffle with a top allocation of $100,000 USD.

All TIO balances will be recorded via a snapshot, marking all those holding over 2,500 TIOs as eligible for airdrops – a process ongoing for any token sale launched on’s platform.

What’s more, TIO holders will benefit from extra bonuses, in addition to those already offered by the client. Register at to keep informed of upcoming airdrops.

All percentages and specific terms and conditions regarding airdrops will be made known on the final launch of the airdrop campaign. Announcements will be made in the official Telegram channel at CEO Jim Preissler said that the company was always looking for more ways to add value to the participation of TIO holders and their community:

We feel that an ongoing airdrop of this enormity is the perfect way to both thank our community for their loyalty plus to assist new high potential ICOs in accessing our informed and ambitious community.”

He hoped that all stakeholders would see the airdrops as a win-win situation since alt coins dropped from upcoming token sales would also widen the liquidity pool.

Airdrop Part of Long-term Vision

With a long-term vision to continuously take on token sales with the highest quality of potential, the company hopes to build a steady flow of high-potential alts to TIO holder portfolios, ensuring they always share a part of the platform’s future viability and automatically helping holder diversify and grow their portfolios effortlessly.

TIO tokens are freely available to purchase on OKex, Bancor, GateIO, TIDEX, KuCOIN, HitBTC and IDEX, with’s own exchange due to launch very soon.

Based on blockchain, is the financial institution of the next generation, ensuring transparent and secure transactions on its flagship exchange, while providing value-added services of consultancy and angel investment. It completed a massively successful crowdfunding campaign in January 2018, raising more than $31 million for its vision of financial market transparency.

To learn more, visit the website and read about the team. Chat with them on Telegram or follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the very latest on