Tourist Token(TT) to Reward Users with 5% Weekly AirDrop Every Friday

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Tourist token is a decentralized token asset made for the real estate industry, which is positioned to disrupt the status quo in the real estate industry. Tourist token is disrupting the real estate ecosystem using the Blockchain technology as a driving force. The tourist token has a real use case and serves as utility, enabling users to earn.

The tourist token developers are rewarding users and hodlers of the token with a weekly balance airdrop, the balance airdrop starts every Friday 8:00 am UTC +004 and ends 11pm UTC +004.

All you need to qualify for the balance airdrop are;

  • Buy and hodl some tourist token.
  • Join the Telegram:
  • Fill out the airdrop form; fill it out appropriately and in the right order.
  • Submit your form.
  • Wait for your reward.

Ensure you follow all rules and regulation.

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