The Top 3 Videos from Reddit’s Bitcoin vs Apple Video Contest

February 10, 2014 23:34 UTC
Apple should have embraced the misfits and the crazy ones.

There is currently a video contest happening on Reddit, and the point of the contest is to remix Apple’s old ad that talks about “misfits” being the ones who change the world in a Bitcoin vs Apple scenario. While Apple has always been a company known for “thinking different”, it seems that philosophy may have ended many years ago. In reality, Apple is a company creating closed-source applications and operating systems that give the user no control over their own devices. When it comes to Bitcoin, Apple has decided to remove all apps related to the cryptocurrency from the official app store. Apple’s phones, computers, and other devices are pretty fancy, but they’re no longer a symbol of the misfits and the crazy ones. This company is now a symbol of conformity.

The top video in the poll at this point is also my personal favorite. It points out that Bitcoin is decentralized, subversive technology that gives control back to the people rather than the corporations who are creating the software. Apple and Bitcoin are actually the antithesis of each other. Apple centralizes control over everything related to their products in one company, while Bitcoin was released to the world for free and allows anyone to build on top of it.

This second video is beautiful in its own right. It’s a collection of all the people who decided to destroy their iPhones in the aftermath of Apple’s decision to take down the official iPhone app. There were plenty of bitcoiners who had already moved away from Apple products due to their contentious views on Bitcoin, but taking down the final Bitcoin app took that movement to a wider audience.

This third video breaks down what the battle between Bitcoin and Apple is all about. Apple wants to have complete control over how people use their hardware and software products, but this is an outdated model that simply cannot work in an open source world. Bitcoin is just one of many applications that Apple will want to control, and they’ve been known to abuse their control over the app store in the past. Bitcoin is a new technology that has been invented to decentralize the way we deal with trust between different parties from all around the world. It won’t stop just because Apple finds it to be “objectionable and crude“.


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