Tomoaki Sato, Founder of Starbase & Japanese Crypto Expert Joins LiveEdu Ecosystem as Advisor for Japanese & Asian Markets

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Founder of Starbase, Japanese Blockchain engineer and Crypto expert Tomoaki Sato is joining LiveEdu as its newest ICO advisor. Sato after researching bitcoin for opportunities for islamic finance he created islamap.Inc, an application for muslims in muslim minority countries, that showed information about halal restaurants and mosques. He was the CEO for two (2) years at islamap.Inc until 2016, when he left to start Smart Contract Japan; a group to write, run and research about smart contracts in Japan. While there he was a consultant with Sony, Microsoft, blockchain startups, and provided services to IT system integrators, and financial institutions. This propelled him to start his own blockchain powered ecosystem; Starbase, a blockchain token based funding & payment platform. This, as he desires to make the blockchain infrastructure available for all while expanding the opportunities to challenge for innovative projects.  



Tomoaki is renowned for blockchain consulting and has a goal to create a global token crowdfunding & reward payment platform. He fell in love with  bitcoin – the technology and philosophy of “decentralization” and has never looked back. As such that now his Starbase company has launched its own Star token.


LiveEdu is extremely honored and proud to have such a pioneer as Tomoaki Sato as its newest advisor.




The LiveEdu public sale  starts from Jan 15th, 2018 – Feb 10, 2018.  Education  (EDU) tokens can be purchased directly using ether (ETH), bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies (via Shapeshift). Bonus starts from 20%.

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LiveEdu is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches people how to build complete products in future technological fields. They are building the YouTube for online education. You can also describe their ecosystem as the next-generation Unlike existing online education platforms, LiveEdu is not focused on beginners, but mainly intermediates to experts. People learn on LiveEdu by watching how peers build real projects and can also download all project resources and files. The new LiveEdu platform is set to launch in 2018 and will start with eight main topics which encompasses several subcategories: Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Data Science, Cryptocurrencies, programming, Design, and Augmented and virtual reality Project creators in the LiveEdu ecosystem will build 10,000 projects for these topics.

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