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Tom Brady Practice Jersey Expected to Go for Only $25,000

Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
  • Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.
  • Merchandise of his has gone for some incredibly high prices at auction.
  • But if you can get a game-worn jersey in a game he lost for $26,000, is it worth it to pay $25,000 for a practice jersey?

Sports fans love their heroes. They love to watch them play, and they love to talk about them. Many fans love the idea of owning something that represents their hero and his/her excellence. It is why jersey sales are as high as they are every year for guys like Tom Brady and many of today’s other superstars

It’s also why the memorabilia business is as good as it is. The bat Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run with recently went for a cool million dollars. A Derek Jeter card fetched $202,000 at a recent auction.

Fans love their heroes. When it comes to the NFL, there is no bigger hero in the game today than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

But for some odd reason, an auction house that will be taking bids on an authentic Tom Brady practice jersey starting Jan. 22 is only expecting to get $25,000 for it.

  For $25,000 you can own a piece of Tom Brady history. | Twitter 

Is That Cheap?

Casual fans may look at that price and think it is a little high. After all, it is just a practice jersey. It is not like he wore it in a game or something. But when you consider how much Tom Brady memorabilia has gone for, $25K sounds like a bargain.

His draft card, with a short note from Bill Belichick, went for $5,400 . A Super Bowl ring (for LI) ordered and worn by a member of his family went for over $344,000 —and it wasn’t even his! One of his rookie cards  went for $400,100 on eBay back in February.

People have paid a lot of money  for anything that can link them in some way to Tom Brady. That has certainly been the case with his game-worn apparel. The jersey he wore in a 2011 win over the Dallas Cowboys fetched $46,000. An entire uniform  (minus the helmet) worn in a 2004 loss to the Dolphins went for $79,200.

One from a blowout win in 2012 against the then-St. Louis Rams went for $27,600. Another from a loss to the Seattle Seahawks the same year fetched $26,290. A throwback jersey he wore in a 2009 loss to the Broncos went for $28,560.

The jersey he wore against the Giants on Thursday night this year, a game that saw him rush for two touchdowns, went for $75,000  even though it was washed.

Another that he wore back in 2014 against the Buffalo Bills  (in which he threw for four touchdowns) went for $50,000.

So, Is $25K A Bargain For A Tom Brady Practice Jersey?

But the downfall to Tom Brady merchandise is that there is so much of it. Brady was drafted back in 2000. He has played in 283 regular-season games and another 38 postseason games—and countless practices.

That means there is a lot of Brady merchandise out there.

Would it be better to spend a little bit more and get a game jersey, even if the game was a loss? That all depends on the perception of the buyer. Some would rather have a game jersey, but some may find more value in something Brady used more often.

So—bargain? Eh, let’s just say that in 10 years, when Brady has been out of the league and is getting ready to entire the Hall of Fame, you’ll wish you could get some Tom Brady merch for $25K.