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Tokens Released, Tierion TNT IOU Trading Is Open

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:59 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:59 PM

Tierion is a decentralized attempt at a notary public/decentralized proof engine.To self-quote the author’s own analysis  (possible pay wall) of the project:

[…] the business model of providing cryptographically secure document verification is sound in principal. The company is already in business, after all, so failing to fund during the ICO will not mean there will not be later opportunities if the investor’s mood changes.

Tokens were not supposed to be released by Tierion until September 1st, but HitBTC often lists IOU pairs, and TNT is among them at present time (full disclosure: the author secured some at around .00003 BTC each, and will continue to secure some by securing the network once it’s totally live).

IOU trading at HitBTC  shows it trading at about 1900 satoshi higher than the author’s price. However, IOU trading is about to be over, since the team decided to issue the tokens today . As things go, other exchanges will be listing it soon as well, but the prices at HitBTC are an early indicator that traders elsewhere will make decisions based upon.

The Tierion team is excited to announce that Tierion Network Tokens (TNT) have been distributed today, August 25th, 2017. We originally promised our community that Tierion tokens would be distributed before September 1st. […] The Tierion Network Token contract was audited by Open Zeppelin. No security issues were found. Only one change was suggested, and some small observations were made.

The statement there regarding the audit is fact, as evidenced by Etherscan’s erstwhile greenlight :

Presumably, node operators can now begin to secure the network, and companies can start building applications to use the platform for making document proofs. This author foresees dozens of possible applications in his mind’s eye.

We say that there will likely be some turbulence as more and more people realize they got their ICO coins early and go to exchange them. HitBTC will likely open deposits and withdrawals NLT September 1st, and so we will see some dumping. But long-term, referring to the quotation from the author’s full analysis, this thing is probably going to visit the moon and stars.

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