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Tokenpay Wants to Lure More Women to Crypto, with Heidi Klum’s Lingerie

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Christina Comben
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

As empty as the phrase may be, most people agree that we need more women in blockchain. “You can’t have a revolution and leave out half of the population,” insists Celsius Network’s Alex Mashinsky, also the inventor of VOIP.

Yet, while most people look to education, user experience, the learning curve, or how to foster the female talent pipeline, Swiss payment app TokenPay  believes it’s found the way to raise awareness in women.


Winning the Ladies Over with Heidi Klum’s Sexy Undies

Lingerie and cryptocurrency don’t make immediate bedfellows. It rather raises the question–could something so basic really be the way to broaden crypto’s appeal?

If it is, perhaps we’ve been banging our heads against the wall for too long.

Instead of trying to dream up ways of making blockchain more interesting than it really is, should we be looking at the low-hanging fruit instead?

After all, few people really know (or care) how internet technology works. Yet everyone seems to be anxious to understand the inner workings and complexity of blockchain at a developer level. Maybe we’ve been going about it wrong.

Not just with women, but with mass adoption in general.

Litecoin has been making nods to the massive lately with a series of partnerships with payment apps (TokenPay included) and a (rather bizarre) sponsorship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

So, could a cryptocurrency payment app for ladies’ delicates bring us a step closer to mass adoption?

Perhaps bringing a little more fiat onramp will be easier done when people don’t know they’re using the very technology we’re trying to push upon them.

Getting Their Boyfriends to Buy Their Lingerie in Crypto

That’s the rationale of TokenPay, at least, who just bought an equity stake in Australian lingerie company Naked Brand Group (NAKD).

CCN.com asked Derek Capo, TokenPay’s CEO, to expand on his line of thinking. To start with, how is having their boyfriends buy them sexy underwear in BTC going to raise awareness in women? He acknowledges that perhaps, it won’t.

We hope we can introduce special promotions with the use of crypto only so that women can use it or at least look into it.

However, the reality remains that just because paying for their underwear in crypto is an option doesn’t mean they will use it.

A worst case, perhaps their boyfriends, who may own crypto, would have no issue in buying lingerie for their girlfriend.

TokenPay’s CEO is under no illusion. However, it’s the first step in a series of stones that aim to build a bridge between the world of cryptocurrencies and everyday people.

Capo explains:

The goal is to introduce our crypto and services to their online properties and eventually entrance into their retail stores.

Women in Blockchain Movement Lead by Megan Fox

When asked what other ways women could be encouraged to enter the industry, Capo replies:

Definitely education programs targeted to millennial consumers which is some of the brands of the company. Megan Fox is a rep for one of the brands, for example.

Megan Fox and lingerie might not be every woman’s ideal way of entering the crypto space. Some of us prefer YouTube tutorials, online courses, blockchain podcasts, and our own explorations down the rabbit hole.

More than likely, most women won’t notice that they can buy their bras in crypto–and they won’t care how their boyfriends paid for their push-up as long as it fits right. Still, you have to credit TokenPay with at least trying.