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Tiger King: Carole Baskin’s Only Crime Is Being a Powerful Woman

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
Kate Prince
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • As the world goes wild for Joe Exotic, where’s the love for Carole Baskin?
  • Netflix’s Tiger King has made a star out of Exotic while Carole is fending for herself.
  • Why? Because she’s a successful woman that speaks her mind.

The feud between Tiger King Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin burst onto our screens just a short time ago , introducing us to a truly bizarre world. For years, we’ve been blissfully unaware that there’s an unseen war right under our noses. It has nothing to do with viruses or politics, and everything to do with mullets, murder, and big cats.

In one corner, there’s Joe Exotic, the gun-toting redneck currently incarcerated. In the other, there’s Carole Baskin, the bohemian airy-fairy owner of Big Cat Rescue accused of feeding her husband to the tigers. Both hate each other with equal measure, but only one is currently in prison.

Twitter reacts to Tiger King
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Joe is serving a 22-year sentence for murder-for-hire, while Carole is roaming free. Yet Joe is the one with all the fans and all the glory, despite being a convicted felon. What’s the sitch?

Carole Baskin’s Only Crime Is Being a Woman

It’s quite clear from the documentary that everyone involved in the world of Big Cats is as mad as a box of frogs. Just one look at Joe’s outfits and country music career will tell you that much. Carole Baskin is no innocent either, but does she deserve all the hate she’s getting?

While Joe has risen to meme-god status and has legions of fans lobbying for his release, Carole is mocked left, right, and center. The disappearance of her husband has been dragged up all over again, with vigilantes vowing to prove that she’s guilty of the crime. There’s just one problem: there’s no evidence.

Carole Baskin
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But there is evidence to support Joe’s crackpot scheme to have a woman killed. Regardless of whether any money changed hands, Joe made no secret of the fact that he wanted “that b****” dead. He shot ablow-up doll dubbed Carole in the head with a live bullet, while also degrading one with sex toys in several disturbing clips.

What’s more, he frequently told his viewers he wanted her head in a jar. Color me stupid, but surely that’s not something you do if you’re going to make friends, make friends, never-ever break friends?


Carole’s Just a Victim of Mysognistic Redneck Culture

Maybe I’m missing something glaringly obvious here. But it seems to me that Carole is the victim of the misogynistic, redneck culture that breeds people like Joe Exotic and his rag-tag group of big cat bandits.

She may be no angel, but all I see is a woman persecuted by a bunch of criminals and cultists. Not one of the zookeepers documented in the series seems to have a good word to say about Carole, but frankly, their version of a decent person isn’t worth a dang thing.

Doc Antle and His Wives
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Every single one of them use and abuse women left, right, and center. Jeff Lowe purposely hired a nanny based on her looks , flaunting the fact in front of his pregnant wife. Doc Antle keeps a haram of brainwashed girls in his grasp to feed more than just his animals. It begs the question, is it so awful to be hated by men like this?

What’s more, fans of the show pushing for Joe’s emancipation fall primarily into the category of men that would do anything to be a Tiger King themselves.

Twitter reacts to Carole Baskin
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These man-boys can’t handle the fact that she’s successful in the same field as them, so they take every opportunity to tear her down. If that means plotting her murder, so be it. What’s more, their fans are behind them. And yet Baskin is the one facing trial by internet, with dozens of social media accounts dedicated to her demise.

In a world going swiftly to hell in a handbasket, Carole has been hung, drawn, and quartered by backwater royalty, for merely being a queen.

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