This Week In Dogecoin: What You Missed

Dogecoin, so active, so young.

No matter how you feel about the Shibes (Dogecoin enthusiasts), Dogecoin has one of the most unique followings of any cryptocurrency.  Hyperactive and diverse, Shibes have infinite patience for ignorant new-comers and little patience for resting on their laurels.

As a result of this, tons of small but notable events happen every week that are often left unrepresented.  I wanted to cover some of those events this week, and possibly as a weekly addition if sufficient interest in such an article is expressed.  If you would enjoy a weekly Dogecoin article, tweet @CryptoCoinsNews with any message you like followed by #dogecoin.  Thank you!

Save Them, Hood!

Last week I reported on a $14K donation that finished up the Doge4Water initiative.  The donation came from a mystery person appearing on Reddit and Twitter with the user name "savethemhood."  Proclaiming, "I take from the greedy to feed and blanket the poor," he then proceeded to tip redditors over $2,000 and finished up with his $13k tweet to Doge4Water.

Apparently, that was only the first act.

Since this first show of kindness, Hood has followed it up by posting a video of him handing out hundreds of dollars to homeless and others in need.


As if that wasn't enough (we know it isn't), Hood then asked his Twitter followers to send him pictures of their medical bills and food stamps, and proceeded to use the Twitter Doge-tip-bot to send eight people enough Dogecoin to  pay various expenses, totaling over 5.1 MDoge ($3,500).

Save them Hood, [we'll] try.

Hood has chosen Shibes as his army for social good.

Doing Business, Doge-style

When the ball started rolling on the Doge4Nascar initiative, members of the community stepped forward to ask payment processor Moolah to handle the donation collection and fiat conversion.

Moolah has long been active in the Dogecoin subreddit, and was among the earliest payment processors to accept Dogecoin.

But before Moolah could purchase the domain, someone else already had.

Moolah, concerned that the snatched domain could result in Shibes being misled, tweeted that the domain was not in their control, and potential donors should be cautious.  Cryptiv, the team that purchased the domain and put up a donation counter (with the correct address on it, it should be noted), responded by publicly encouraging Moolah to work in conjunction with them to raise funding.  Wow, such self promotion.

After many Reddit threads and comments, Cryptiv generously offered to give the domain to Moolah. now redirects to, which is controlled by Moolah.

This week Moolah also launched, their exchange.

Other Notes

This week Dogecoin celebrated its 100th day just after completing the Doge4Water drive, and was featured in mainstream news via FOX, Huffington Post, and CNN.

As covered here on CCN, scrypt-based ASICs have begun entering the market, and has many diggers sweating their profits.  Concern has increased after one mining pool neared 50% of total hashrate.  No one knows for sure what was behind the sudden increase in hashrate, but nearing a possible 51% attack doesn't exactly hinder speculation.

Also, Dogecoin officially forked with the release of Dogecoin 1.6.  Some have already begun asking for an N-factor integration similar to Vertcoin in order to deal with the incoming ASICs.

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