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This Unofficial Sekiro Online Multiplayer Mod is Crushingly Good Stuff

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:55 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:55 PM
  • A new mod, dubbed Sekiro Online, allows players to experience From Software’s action-adventure in multiplayer.
  • The mod introduces both PvP and co-op modes, including a SoulsBorne-style Invasion mode.
  • The creator notes that Sekiro Online is still very much in early public beta, so players should expect bugs and crashes.

A new mod launched yesterday now allows players to experience The Game Awards 2019’s Game of the Year, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, in multiplayer PvP and co-op.

It’s difficult to nitpick and find much wrong with From Software’s phenomenal Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. Satisfying combat, engaging and varied boss fights, a world steeped in fascinating lore, and devilishly challenging difficulty.

The only real criticism is that Sekiro lacked the multiplayer modes of previous efforts from the Japanese powerhouse.

Unofficial Sekiro Multiplayer

Thanks to a new mod, this is no longer the case, as players can now jump in and experience Sekiro in PvP and even co-op . The mod is a little rough around the edges and does have its limitations, but it’s a commendable first step in the right direction.

Created by modder LukeYui, the Sekiro Online mod supports up to six players. One acts as a host, while others – known as phantoms – join via a P2P connection.

Players can take part in PvP combat using all the tools available in single-player, including prosthetic tools and combat arts. Sekiro Online restricts PvP match-ups to specific in-game areas, and sessions will terminate if you happen to change areas.

Sekiro Online bases matchmaking on single-player progress and the mod will automatically adjust stats to make for a fair fight. As LukeYui explains:

Invaders and phantoms will always be adjusted to the player’s local level, to try and increase the available player pool. For example, if you have 40 attack power, and your opponent has 1 attack power, they will hit you as if they have 40 and you’ll hit them as if you have 1.

On the co-op side, Sekiro Online allows players to experience the entire game with a friend alongside.

LukeYui has also pieced together an Invasion mode, which will be familiar to fans of SoulsBorne games. A player can ‘enter an unsuspecting person’s world as a spirit of vengeance, and fight to the death.’

An Impressive Pet Project

As LukeYui openly admits, Sekiro Online is very much the pet project of a fan without the ‘skills and resources to completely duplicate flawless online play.’ Regardless, it’s an impressive feat.

With the mod still in early public beta, players should expect bugs and crashes. But, the creator is intent on pushing out updates to rectify these.

If you’re tempted, Sekiro Online’s NexusMods page has all the requisite files  and detailed instructions for installing the mod.