This ‘Twitch Therapist’ Is Raising a Killing Solving Your Favorite Streamer’s Issues

Dr. K’s latest live-streamed session ended with a bombshell donation of $10,000.

Twitch psychiatrist Dr. K, pokimane

Who ever said that Twitch couldn't be a wholesome vector for good? | Source: Twitch via YouTube

  • Psychiatrist Alok “Dr. K” Kanojia regularly hosts live-streamed therapy sessions with some of the biggest names on Twitch.
  • The most recent session featured popular streamer Katerino.
  • During the stream, Katerino’s ex-boyfriend – prominent YouTuber CallMeCarson – donated a staggering $10,000.

A psychiatrist is banking some serious cash by hosting live therapy sessions on the Amazon-owned Twitch streaming platform. Those proceeds help fund mental health initiatives targeted at gamers.

During a recent stream, Alok Kanojia, who’s known as Dr. K on the HealthyGamer_GG Twitch channel, landed a mammoth donation of $10,000. The generous tip came from none other than the streamer for this particular session’s ex-boyfriend.

Twitch’s Very Own Resident Psychiatrist

This Therapist Is Making a Killing Solving the Issues of Twitch Streamers
Dr. K’s sessions have featured some of Twitch’s biggest stars. | Source: Twitch via YouTube

One doesn’t immediately associate Twitch’s drama-filled microcosm with wholesome therapy sessions exploring complex and deep-seated mental health issues. Indeed, Twitch is a world of memes, video games, the odd controversy, and a colorful cast of broadcasters.

Yet this is precisely what Twitch’s resident shrink is bringing to the table. Dr. K has offered some of the platform’s most prominent figures the chance to face their demons live in front of thousands of viewers – chaperoned by Kanojia’s Harvard-vetted expertise.

Pokimane, Reckful, Mizkif, Destiny, xQc, LilyPichu – the list of participants reads like a roll-call of Twitch royalty.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the streams and the rapidly swelling viewership suggest Dr. K has hit on something that resonates not only with streamers but also with audiences.

$10k Donation From a Streamer’s Ex

Dr. K most recent session featured streamer Katerino. The 20-year old was recently involved in a relationship with popular YouTuber CallMeCarson.

The relationship ended in very public fashion in March of this year as rumors of infidelity on Katerino’s part surfaced. The streamer admitted that the allegations were true in a confessional video in mid-April.

Following the breakup, CallMeCarson went on a self-imposed indefinite hiatus to focus on his mental health.

Towards the end of the session, Dr. K’s overlay lit up with a staggeringly large $10,000 donation from none other than CallMeCarson.

It was accompanied by a heartfelt word of thanks. It read, “Thank you for helping her.”

Those funds, along with all donations raised during the month of May, will fund HealthyGamer’s new coaching program.

Who ever said that Twitch couldn’t be a wholesome vector for good?

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