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This PS5 Concept Art Has One Genius Feature Sony Should Steal

A new PlayStation 5 mock concept design with one particularly novel feature offers another compelling take on Sony's upcoming console.

  • A new mock PlayStation 5 design concept has surfaced online.
  • The mock console stands out by the quality of the presentation with promotional shots and videos worthy of the real thing.
  • The design includes an LCD display incorporated into the front of the console that shows customizable game-related information.

As we approach the end of February, there’s still no news from Sony about the PlayStation 5 or the fabled PS5 reveal event.

To tide us over in anticipation, enterprising designers continue to pump out concept designs for the upcoming next-gen console.

The Latest PlayStation 5 Mock Concept Design

That latest of which is easily among the more compelling to date. If only for the attention to detail on display in the presentation of the concept.

This mock PS5 design is stunning. | Source: Abdelrahman Shaapan

Designed by a Cairo-based freelance product designer, Abdelrahman Shaapan, the concept doesn’t just feature a PS5 console design, but also mock promotional videos and close-up shots with blurbs for each feature.

It’s all presented as if it came directly from a proper console manufacturer:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-quality mock-up from an actual manufacturer. | Source: Abdelrahman Shaapan

The console doesn’t veer too far from the design of the most recent iteration of the PlayStation 4 base model. Two square layers sit one on top of the other with a slanting front.

The designer has also positioned the disc drive and front-facing USB ports almost identically to those found on the PS4.

One Innovative Feature Likely Absent From the Real PS5

In what is hands down its most innovative feature, the design incorporates an LCD on the front of the console itself.

The display can be customized to include information such as player avatars, controller battery life, and the game currently being played, as evidenced by the design art:

This LCD would be a spectacular addition to Sony’s console. | Source: Abdelrahman Shaapan

Over on the PlayStation 5 Reddit forum, some have compared it to a digital scale. Others note that the predicted power of the PlayStation 5 would require substantially better cooling than what the concept offers. It’s easy to see why, and these are arguably the only issues letting down an otherwise excellent concept design.

Shaapan’s mock-up is unlikely to match that of the final retail version of the PlayStation 5, but who can blame him for having a go given Sony’s ongoing radio-silence.

When questioned on why he dedicated time and effort to the concept, Shaapan revealed he’s trying to flesh out his portfolio as he looks for work. If you need some top-notch product designs, look no further.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:36 PM

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