This Jimmy Kimmel Coronavirus Segment Proves That USA Is Doomed

Jimmy Kimmel Live's latest street segment showcases the coronavirus ignorance that's currently plaguing the American public. We have one man to thank for this, and it's not Jimmy Kimmel.
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March 11, 2020 10:47 PM UTC
  • “Jimmy Kimmel Live” quizzed civilians in Los Angeles about their coronavirus knowledge.
  • Some of the answers were depressingly off-base.
  • One guy is to blame for their lack of knowledge, and it’s not Jimmy Kimmel.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” hit the streets this week to take the pulse of American’s coronavirus knowledge. The results were far more disturbing than any of the country’s recent event cancellations.

One of the most popular segments of Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show is when his correspondents take to Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles and ask strangers questions. Some of the most successful bits have civilians trying to name a country or have Drake disguised as a reporter asking people questions about Drake.

While interviewees often end up looking stupid, it’s endearing because hey, at least it’s not us. But in Kimmel’s latest street segment, the answers are as terrifying as they are hilarious.

Americans Look Clueless About Coronavirus

Yesterday, the show aired a segment where correspondents asked civilians what they knew about the coronavirus. Some of the answers were mind-boggling.

Here were some of the most ridiculous responses:

I know it’s new.

I know it’s bad.

This is the first time of me hearing about it, explain it to me.

If you eat cattle cubes as a kid and lick salt you’re safe.

When asked how many people have the coronavirus, one woman said: “like a million?” She continued to say she would stock up on toilet paper and wine. I haven’t checked up on the WHO’s most recent list of items to stockpile, but I’m pretty sure wine didn’t make the cut.

One man said “it’s not really that big of a deal” because, “the president said it’ll go away one day.” And that could be exactly why Americans know so little about this outbreak.

Uniformed Leader, Uninformed Followers

While at least half of Americans probably don’t consider Donald Trump their “leader,” he is nonetheless the president. He is the guy who makes the major announcements that affect our lives, especially in perilous times. So how he reacts does matter.

Unfortunately, his reaction hasn’t been drastically different from those clueless pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. In his first coronavirus press conference, Trump misgendered the first person to die from coronavirus in the U.S.

He repeatedly tried to reassure Americans that there were only “22 cases” of coronavirus infection in the country. Less than two weeks later the U.S. death toll has hit 37. As of this writing, the number of infections in the U.S. has multiplied 50-fold to 1,162.

Instead of telling Americans how they can prepare, Trump blindly tried to calm their fears. Now, the streets are filled with people oblivious to the threat. And it’s great if people aren’t panicking, but it’s not so great if those same people get sick and continue walking the streets like nothing is wrong.

But hey, at least it’s kind of funny.

Seriously though, if you were one of the people interviewed in the Kimmel segment, please brush up on your coronavirus knowledge here.

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