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This Guy Beat Halo 3 on Legendary Difficulty Using a Guitar Hero Controller

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • SuperLouis64 beats Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty – using a Guitar Hero controller.
  • It took a month and 252 deaths to achieve.
  • He’s also known for other wacky runs using DK Bongos, dance pads, and bananas.

There’s something about video games lend themselves to challenge. Maybe it’s the controllable environments they offer. These can be mined and deconstructed over countless hours of play. Mechanics become muscle memory. It’s a bit like a top athlete or artist honing their craft to perfection.

Speed runs are impressive in themselves. Seeing a 40 hours or more playthrough condensed down into minutes is nothing short of remarkable if a little disheartening for most.

Then we have the likes of blindfolded speedruns  or marathon no-hit Dark Souls trilogy runs , which push the envelope even further.

SuperLouis64’s Halo 3 Run Using a Guitar Hero controller

This is the case with SuperLouis64’s latest achievement. He was able to beat Halo 3 on the highest ‘Legendary’ setting with a Guitar Hero controller.

It didn’t come easy, though. SuperLouis64 spent the better part of a month grinding away at the game, tallying up 252 deaths in the process. We have to say, it doesn’t make for the most elegant gameplay, but it works.

SuperLouis64 explains ;

The hard part of the run was managing an FPS with a guitar that has no joysticks. If you look at the control scheme image, it highlights how it’s almost impossible to aim and shoot at the same time.

Here are the controls for context.

SuperLouis64 Halo
Source: Reddit

As for why he decided to take on such a nutty challenge, he says he came across a Tweet earlier in the year jesting about beating the game with a Guitar Hero controller. It piqued his interest. Intrigued to see whether it was indeed possible, off he went armed with little more than steely determination.

Voice Commands, Bongo Drums, and Bananas

While SuperLouis64’s latest achievement is a feat few of us would even contemplate seriously, he’s no stranger to ever tougher challenges.

SuperLouis64 played Dark Souls 3 using nothing more than voice commands  as well as just bananas , and beat From Software’s most recent effort, Sekiro, with a set of DK Bongo drums.