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This GTA V ‘Pleasure Bot’ Is the Best Thing on Twitch Right Now

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • The Grand Theft Auto role-playing scene is a rich world of colorful characters.
  • MiltonTPike1 is among the most recognizable faces in the GTA V RP community.
  • His latest character is unexpectedly wholesome.

You may have stumbled across the entertaining Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) role-playing scene on Twitch.

An elderly Englishman heading a gang of geriatrics known as the Prune Gang? A wedding ceremony involving a tractor ? Courthouse scenes descending into a flavor of madness US court TV shows can only aspire to?

It’s a strange and alluring world of petty crimes and interweaving narrative arcs that can last for weeks on end.

GTA V Roleplayer MiltonTPike1 Is a Genius

Among the scene’s cast of colorful characters is the ever-affable streamer MiltonTPike1 . He’s among the most prolific and creative RPers out there, best known for impersonating Kiki Chanel.

It’s hard to describe Kiki without witnessing her antics first hand. She’s got more sass than a Hollywood starlet, a penchant for creative criminality, and the uncanny ability to get herself out of the stickiest of situations, yet hides a softer side.

There’s a multi-faceted depth to the character, which is a testament to Milton’s craft and the broader RP community.

This Pleasure Bot Is Unexpectedly Wholesome

In recent days, MiltonTPike1 has been test-driving a new character – Pleasure Bot Br3nd4.

MiltonTPike1's GTA RP Is The Best Thing On Twitch Right Now
Pleasure Bot may sport a skintight bodysuit, but this android is surprisingly wholesome. | Source: Twitch 

Although the name raises connotations of an android dishing out lewd favors to Los Santos’ role-players – a notion exacerbated by a skintight pink bodysuit and a neon motorcycle helmet – it is a clever guise for something far more wholesome.

Instead, Pleasure Bot parades around Los Santos, raising the self-esteem of other characters.

MiltonTPike1 lures in unsuspecting players with the promise of carnal favors, before getting to work raising their spirits. Br3nd4 demands they list what they like about themselves while adding in profound takes on self-worth and the state of the world at large .

Affirmations from the city’s down and out residents trigger Pleasure Bot’s power-up sequence. The sequence is brought to life as a synth-laden electronic track that slowly crescendos.

When Pleasure Bot reaches maximum power, the song drops, and MiltonTPike1 erupts into dance, spewing off yet more self-esteem raising nuggets. More often than not, the whole affair ends abruptly with Pleasure Bot storming off. But, not without usually imparting one final nugget of wisdom.

The Best Thing on Twitch Right Now

The beauty of these improvised situations is that they are non-scripted, unexpected, off-the-cuff performances. While it’s all fantasy role-play, there’s a palpable sincerity that gives you that special warm feeling inside.

Twitch isn’t exactly a bastion of positivity due to the cesspit of memes and casual bigotry that Twitch chat can be – not to mention its own brand of controversy. But, MiltonTPike1’s channel and community, and especially Pleasure Bot’s wholesome quest to raise the spirits of GTA’s RPers, is hands down the best thing on Twitch right now.

As Pleasure Bot says, that mustache does not make you, my friend, you make the mustache.