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This Antonio Brown-Logan Paul Brawl Will Make You Fall in Love with Reality TV Again

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
  • Antonio Brown’s life has been a hit reality TV show waiting to be filmed (or could that be why he took a film crew to his Saints workout?).
  • From his Twitter meltdowns to his legal issues, the last year has been a never-ending supply of content.
  • If he’s actually interested in boxing Logan Paul, that’s why reality TV exists.

Antonio Brown was one of the NFL’s most respected and feared scoring threats. It didn’t matter when or how he got his hands on the ball. Anytime he did, something incredible was going to happen.

That fascination and entertainment value still follows the former football star. Take Brown’s latest attention grab—a Twitter beef/boxing challenge with YouTube personality Logan Paul. It is screaming for one thing.

Will someone please give AB a reality television show?

The Antonio Brown Show Would Be Ratings Gold

With all of the streaming services out there, someone must have thought of this by now. Brown’s life has been the best reality show not on television over the last year. It has everything producers could ever want— never-ending, fiercely-entertaining drama.

We’ve already missed out on an entire season of episodes of NFL-related shenanigans. With all the excitement surrounding his exodus from the Steelers to his arrival and subsequent departure from Oakland—we are talking ratings gold!

Season One could have wrapped with him signing with New England and thinking everything is going to work out. His career would appear to be back on track after his debut game with the team. But then at the end of the episode, we hear about the sexual assault allegations.

Robert Kraft lets him go, and the credits roll as AB promises that the best is yet to come, and we see him training for his “comeback.”

Season Two would cover all the off-field exploits of America’s favorite former wide receiver since leaving football—his legal issues, social media meltdowns, his music career, domestic drama, etc.

The list could go on and on.

The Logan Paul Twitter Beef & Boxing Challenge

At the top of it would be Brown’s latest “thing”—a Twitter beef and possible boxing match with YouTube personality Logan Paul.

Paul has already tried his hand at boxing with another YouTube star, KSI.

So, how did Antonio Brown get involved? Around Christmas, Paul spoke with Barstool’s KFC Radio . When asked who he would be interested in fighting next, he called out Brown:

Antonio Brown, I wanna **** you up.

His reasoning for calling out Brown was pretty simple—he is unemployed, loves the spotlight, and such an event could be huge. Logan Paul is a social media giant, and Brown has developed an incredible – but so far worthless – brand.

Everything Antonio Brown does is a treasure-trove for sports bloggers and tabloid sites. But training for a fight and then the match itself? That’s better than clickbait gold; it’s clickbait platinum!

Brown and Paul appear to have already begun hyping the match.

antonio brown logan paul fight
Source: Twitter 

To which Paul responded:

logan paul fight
Source: Twitter 

They may not just be idle boasts. At least one sportsbook  has posted odds for the fight with Paul as a heavy favorite (-2000 versus +1000 for Brown).

If they need help making it happen, Shawne Merriman is willing to lend a hand.

But will it happen? If he had a reality show—absolutely.