THEKEY: Unlocking the Future of Multidimensional Identity Verification for the 21st Century

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Navigating the cryptocurrency landscape often means deciding on a particular investment approach. Some investors look for coins or projects that they could easily flip in a short time. But for those that believe in the longer term or “hodl” strategy of finding good coins and projects to consider, it is especially crucial to diligently research and put a project in the interrogation chair and ask relevant questions.  The approach is akin to being a father when a gentleman comes to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage, you know it’s a longer term scenario, hence key questions must be answered positively to satisfy your duty and consider accepting the man into the family. Likewise, in evaluating crypto projects  to join your “hodl” stable of coins,  key inquiries including: evaluating the capabilities of founding team, looking at the use case and problem they are trying to solve, market size and examining partnerships or networks the team has developed must be made.

THEKEY, a decentralized ecosystem of identity verification project on the NEO blockchain has recently garnered a lot interest in the crypto-world and is a candidate for any hodl stable of long-term coins.  The first criteria to evaluate any project is to examine the capabilities of the founding team because good teams usually have a track record of executing well, have experience and capacity to react positively to unexpected market dynamics.  THEKEY excels here because the team is very experienced and includes experts in blockchain and identity verification industry.  Specifically, founder and CEO Catherine Li, was awarded the Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China for the 2017 year.  She holds a MSc degree in Computer Science from the prestigious McGill University in Canada, has solid experience in big data technology and has worked in management roles for established multinational companies. The team has obtained 23 copyrights and also has 15 patents that were accepted by SIPO and undergoing the attestation process.  It is hard to find a more impressive project team which gives confidence that execution risk would be minimized.

The next inquiry is to examine the core solution offered by a project.  THEKEY is aiming to address the need robust and trustworthy identity verification (IDV) for the digital world by utilizing Blockchain based Dynamic Multi-Dimension identification technology, which encompasses elements such as: using unique biometrics data authenticated by respective government authorities, utilizing comprehensive and updated data with blockchain technology resulting in indisputable and unchangeable results.  

THEKEY also has established partnerships with an impressive lineup of global companies such as Ant Financial, China Re, China Unicom and Unis. Furthermore, according to reports, THEKEY has also been working with IBM since 2009 in Identity verification areas including collaboration with IBM Watson Health which suggests the possibility of the future wide scale commercial adoption of THEKEY.

The market for THEKEY is also a major reason that it has generated a lot of buzz in crypto communities.  THEKEY’s first generation IDV is currently in use in 41 cities with more that 130 million people covered and is also used for mobile social insurance pay in two pilot cities which allows individuals to obtain their pension payments and healthcare insurance reimbursement more securely.  

THEKEY could be one of those projects that could unlock gains for long-term investors because the project answers those important questions positively and is worth consideration to join any “hodl” portfolio.

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