The World First AI dApp Makes Deep Learning Super Cost Effective

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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The fascination, exploration, and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been an ever-evolving process. The 3 most important parameters that define the output of an optimum AI research are computing power (GPU), quality data for learning and models for embodying the AI algorithms. However, the practical impediments for AI researches include expensive hardware, difficulty in securing quality data and difficulty in embodying AI models due to large hardware infrastructure requirements.

To make matters worse, a few large enterprises who do have the necessary infrastructure and data do not create an environment for mutual cooperation and this has created a monopolistic approach with startups and other smaller organizations with innovative AI concepts bearing the brunt of it.

AI Crypto is a conglomeration of AI researchers, developers and companies who aim to create a platform that thrives on mutual cooperation and sharing thereby making AI researches not just less expensive but a mechanism by which every participant can provide value to the entire ecosystem thereby making it self-sustaining.

AI Crypto is driven by the blockchain technology. The revolutionary blockchain platform offers censorship resistance, transparency, fraud resistance, robustness, and interoperability. All the required computing power, data, and models for AI research are shared across the platform which in-turn reduces cost, provides a fair usage of resources and reduces energy cost as well. A fair rewards system also ensures that every contribution is justly valued and a suitable compensation offered.

Revolution in the AI Ecosystem

The AI crypto platform has 3 main components:

  • Hardware: The aim is to convert GPUs which otherwise were used only towards cryptocurrency mining and/or which are lying dormant with users, to be converted for machine learning research purposes to form a GPU network.
  • Data: Where quality data for learning is created, distributed and shared through individual and collaborative contributions and receive fair rewards towards the same.
  • AI Models: To provide machine learning models to AI servicing companies who indulge in dialogue analysis, image analysis or autonomous vehicles.

AI Deep Learning

This is a critical business towards the future of technological development and possesses an enormous market potential. The quintessential requirements of an effective deep learning algorithm are:

  • High computing power since the method requires multi-layer iterative calculations for providing accurate results.
  • Calculation time is another critical element since multi-layer iterative calculations without the supporting infrastructure may result in longer calculation times.

Both of these requirements are effectively taken care-of and solved by the AI Crypto platform. The high computing power required is compensated through shared resources resulting in a high GPU output with low cost. Blockchain-based technology combined with pre-processing actual data digitally for deep learning ensures faster calculation times.

The Proof of Value (PoV) principle delivers rewards in the form of coins for value creation through the rightful use of shared resources. This way, every contribution is valued and a just rewards system ensures effective compensation.