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July 17, 2019 10:52 AM UTC

The Smartest Way to Mine Bitcoin: Hashmart

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Let’s be honest - getting into Bitcoin mining can be costly. In fact, quite costly. Both in terms of hardware and electricity costs. Unfortunately, most can’t afford to build their own mining rig early on and their computers are just not good enough since long…

Let’s be honest – getting into Bitcoin mining can be costly. In fact, quite costly. Both in terms of hardware and electricity costs. Unfortunately, most can’t afford to build their own mining rig early on and their computers are just not good enough since long ago. Moreover, Bitcoin cloud mining services can also be costly for some, especially given the shadiness of various mining operations.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through any that – all thanks to Hashmart!

Despite launching during a moment of heavy and unfavorable market volatility, Hashmart – a cloud Bitcoin mining service – has continuously grown ever since to become one of, if not the only trust-worthy, legal and transparent existing website that provides you with the opportunity to purchase affordable open-ended mining contracts.

Breaking the high cryptocurrency entry barriers

Purchasing your own mining gear can get very expensive, very quickly. Depending on your country, the electricity might also be very expensive, making your desire to start your own mining operations even less likely to happen. In some cases, you would even be losing money once you do the math at the end. This is precisely why cloud mining operations were set up – to help exactly people like us, who are unable to begin mining using their own gigs.

But cloud mining companies are daunted by other issues that might scare users even more. Whether it is due to the high prices and unimaginable service fees, or the lack of transparency – cloud mining companies are thought of mostly as a scam.


Others, such as HashFlare, have had extremely high requirements for funds withdrawals. In 2018, during the cryptocurrency price crash, the service started offering withdrawals only to people who had at least 0.2 — something that many users couldn’t reach until the end of their contract, leaving them without the option to use their investment for months.

Fortunately, Hashmart has been redefining what Bitcoin cloud mining looks like since 2017.

Surviving the 2018 cryptocurrency crash

Not only did Hashmart survive the 2018 cryptocurrency crash, it has since improved and provides even better services than ever before. Despite the heavy drop in Bitcoin price in early 2018, cloud mining has always been profitable using Hashmart. Many wonder how this is possible, but the truth is quite simple.

For example, Hashmart purchased its mining equipment at a wholesale price before the price hike in late 2017 that caused many cloud mining operations to ramp up prices — others to go bankrupt.

Another major factor is Hashmart’s mining equipment facility location. Being located at one of the coldest locations in the world – Siberia – with one of the cheapest electricity costs, the cloud mining service has managed to keep its prices extremely low – starting at just $2.15 for 300 GH a month with 0 service fees!

Moreover, Hashmart’s experienced team has over six years of professional expertise with cryptocurrency mining that enables them to constantly adjust and monitor the mining gear to optimize profitability as much as possible, thus boosting the profitability of contracts even further.

The best part is that it doesn’t end there!

Open-ended contracts: the smart way to mine Bitcoin!

One of the most important rules that you would hear every Bitcoin analyst and crypto geek telling you is to keep your investments diversified. And, honestly, purchasing your own mining gear or binding yourself with a 12-month (or more) mining contracts goes exactly in the opposite direction of that advice.


Why? Because if Bitcoin crashes, their purchases will very quickly become non-profitable and most likely result in a negative final result.

Thankfully, Hashmart knows this better than anyone else. With their open-ended contract options, users can easily and affordably start mining while keeping their investments diversified. Additionally, payouts on the Hashmart mining platform occur daily starting from the day of purchase, thus eliminating waiting time for a return on your investment.

If Bitcoin goes down crashing, you can be certain that your investment was well worth it! All you have to do is simply end your service contract and collect your reward.

Why you should choose Hashmart cloud mining?

Besides providing you with the flexibility that most cloud mining services take away from you, Hashmart has numerous other benefits that make it simply the best Bitcoin cloud mining service ever.

Having 15.5 Ph/s of total mining power, over 1,000 active miners, 99.97% uptime and 24/7 customer support since its launch two years ago, Hashmart offers numerous other benefits that are designed solely to benefit you. Ranging from no service fees, no withdrawal costs and limitations, all the way to daily payouts and a real-time demo account, Hashmart has got you covered.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Hashmart’s single-tier Affiliate program that anyone can participate in throughout their first year of usage. Once registered, you will receive a referral code and a link with which you can invite your friends and get a 5% commission on their first order while they also get a 5% discount on their purchase. Payments from the affiliate program are distributed on a daily basis.


Currently, Hashmart offers solely Bitcoin cloud mining services using the SHA256 mining algorithm, with Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies being added in the near future.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your valuable time and check out Hashmart’s website and demo account so that when the next time Bitcoin does a bull run — you are more than well prepared to profit from it.

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