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The Royal Family Has an Influencer Queen – And It’s Not Meghan Markle

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
  • The battle of the royal influencers looks to finally be over, with one clear winner.
  • Duchess Kate Middleton is not just inspiring the public.
  • Meghan Markle’s popularity, much like her royal life, seems like it was temporary.

When Meghan Markle first arrived on the royal scene, it was widely believed that she would add an element of style and fashion to The Firm that was supposedly lacking. Such talk was a slap in the face for Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge may not be as “in your face” about her fashion choices. Then again, she doesn’t need to spend over half a million dollars to look good either. 

Meghan’s popularity, much like her royal stint, seems to be fleeting

I’m sure we all remember the “Meghan Effect” back in 2017. The British media absolutely fell in love with the American actress. An irritating truth that doesn’t quite fit the narrative today that Meghan was always the victim.

Convenient or not, the fact is that Meghan was insanely popular. Kate Middleton – the wife of the future King – took a back seat as the British public and media went through the “shiny new toy” phase with Prince Harry’s new lady.

Much like Meghan’s royal stint, her popularity was to prove temporary.

Today, Duchess Kate Middleton sits atop the royal influencer pile,  looking down on all of us as we bask in her effortless yet invariably classy style.

You see, new fads come and go. Class and style are constant.

Kate Middleton is a trend-setter in celebrity circles too

Holly Willoughby is one of Britain’s most beloved morning television hosts. She stars alongside Philip Schofield on Good Morning, and just a few days ago, she posted a video for Children’s Hospice Week to her almost 7 million Instagram followers.

Holly Willoughby’s choice of outfit drew rave reviews. | Source: Instagram 

Her choice of outfit didn’t go unnoticed. The pretty little polka dot shirt from Tory Burch was not at all unlike the Alessandra Rich polka dot dress that Kate Middleton wore previously.

Kate Middleton wore a lovely little Alessandra Rich number that seems to have sparked a style trend. | Source: Twitter 

In fact, it could be said that Holly Willoughby is closer in stature to Kate Middleton as an influencer than anyone else, royal or otherwise.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine,  stylist Jessie Stein commented:

The brands she chooses to wear on TV every weekday benefit from the ‘Holly Effect’, often leading to items selling out. Ghost, Whistles, and Sandro Paris are a few of Holly’s most worn brands and are perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Meghan Markle is out of sight – and seemingly out of mind

Stein, speaking elsewhere to the Daily Mail,  believes that Meghan has suffered somewhat from stepping away from the royal family, which is ironic considering she felt that doing so would increase her visibility and popularity.

She commented:

Both royals have been confined to Zoom calls and social distance charity outings during lockdown. However, Kate has opted for more flowing dresses, pieces that wouldn’t be seen out of place at a formal event.

And continued:

Meghan has clearly embraced lockdown life a little more with comfy fitted tees and joggers. I think Meghan’s newfound distance from the Royal family combined with her less glamorous apparel in lockdown has contributed to a drop in fan’s searches for her clothing.

So what sets Kate Middleton apart?

As many of Duchess Kate’s fans will attest, what sets her apart is the effortless manner in which she approaches virtually every situation.

Be it a more formal in-person event like those seen pre-pandemic, or the relaxed setting of a Zoom call with some frontline health workers, Kate can adapt easily to any environment.

In a word, she’s relatable. Her fans don’t place her on a pedestal.

And they don’t have to.

As Jessie Stein concluded:

Affordable looks always work on the princess. They provide a more relatable feel to her style and allow shoppers around the world to replicate a royal’s wardrobe.

After all, not all of us have half a million dollars to spend on clothes.

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