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The Rock & Robert Pattinson Prove Hollywood Is Still Clueless

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Saim Cheeda
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • The Rock and Robert Pattinson were diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Hollywood stars have wasted no opportunity to brag about their usage of masks in the pandemic.
  • The resumption of production and lack of social distancing is blatant ignorance of safeguards.

It had to happen. After Hollywood celebrities have been storming social media with posts about wearing masks, two of its A-list members in The Rock and Robert Pattinson have tested positive for Covid-19.

Robert Pattinson’s Diagnosis Didn’t Stop Producers Of ‘The Batman’ From Filming

‘The Batman’ had resumed filming at the beginning of September, a time when the virus is still active. With lead star Robert Pattinson infected , the natural response would be to halt production altogether for the safety of the crew.

This isn’t the case, though, as “The Batman” has carried on filming. Pattinson’s stunt double is now being used to film his scenes. There’s no confirmation over how Pattinson caught the virus, meaning there’s a chance other crew members might be infected as well.

Robert Pattinson
‘The Batman’ crew is still being made to work after Robert Pattinson’s diagnosis| Source: Twitter 

Understandably, the producers might want to avoid hefty costs if production is delayed, but no money in the world can trump the value of health. The fact that filming has carried on so casually points toward producers preferring to save costs over people’s lives.

As expected, this news has spread quickly on social media, drawing criticisms and mockery over the handling of this issue, as seen in this tweet below.

A Tweet making light of Robert Pattinson’s diagnosis. | Source: Twitter 

The Rock Proves Social Distancing Isn’t Common With Celebrities

One of the first A-List celebrities to catch the virus was Tom Hanks, whose recovery made Hollywood feel a bit too safe. We can still see these celebrities out and about, some of them not even bothering with masks.

While The Rock did claim he was implementing social distancing, his business ventures have continued. This includes his recent purchase of The XFL, and it’s dubious over how much he’s actually followed his social distancing model.

After recovering from his diagnosis, he’s stressing the importance of wearing masks, as seen in this video.


Around the same time as Robert Pattinson, The Rock has come out with his Covid-19 diagnosis . He also confirmed he contracted the virus from family friends, suggesting his social distancing wasn’t all that serious.

As with Robert Pattinson, The Rock’s diagnosis has also received significant attention on social media. Most of these use his own lines against him to humorous effect.

The Rock
The Rock’s Covid-19 announcement has prompted instant mockery on the internet. | Source: Twitter 

The Hypocrisy Of Hollywood Celebrities Has Been Exposed

Not long ago, Sharon Stone blasted anti-maskers on social media, claiming it was their fault her sister had contracted Covid-19. Numerous other celebrities haven’t missed a beat in promoting mask-wearing.

None come close to Stone’s rant, as seen in this video below.


With Hollywood producers continuing film production, and an A-lister like The Rock ignoring what he preached himself, what right do these celebrities have to shame the public?

They haven’t called each other out for ignoring safeguards during this pandemic, but they’re happy to take shots at normal people.

Cringe-inducing posts like Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” sing-along, Aaron Paul’s equally sappy PSA, or Miley Cyrus’ immature antics at the VMAs highlight how clueless these privileged people are.

Blatantly ignoring safeguards on such a public scale also undermines the seriousness of this pandemic. Either practice what you preach or don’t tell us what to do.

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