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The PewDiePie Drought: Grieving Fans Binge Final Video 19 Million Times

PewDiePie is still resting on hiatus in Japan after several rigorous years of daily YouTube uploads, but his "Bro Army" never sleeps.

  • It’s been two weeks since PewDiePie signed off from YouTube. And his fans are parched from the content drought.
  • Felix’s farewell video has racked up an eye-popping 19 million views. That’s a million watches a day since he said goodbye.
  • His fans continue to leave comments (nearly 150,000) about how much they miss him. A PewDiePie message forum is sharing pie recipes.

Burnt out on a daily upload schedule, and “the most annoying fans ever,” PewDiePie is still relaxing in Japan.

It’s been two weeks since PewDiePie dropped off YouTube.

Gone are the days of daily uploads.

Perhaps that’s why the “Bro Army” has already watched Felix’s farewell video around 19 million times in just two weeks. There’s no telling how long he’ll be gone. But his fans are still thirsting for more Pewds.

PewDiePie usually gets a rough average of 5 million watches for each new video he uploads. Sometimes it’s 8 million. Sometimes it’s 2 million. Usually it’s in between.

PewDiePie’s Last Video Keeps Racking Views

But at the rate his fans are watching, PewDiePie’s last video will have 20 million views by the end of the weekend. Apparently the “Bro Army” has the jones for their daily fix of Felix.

More amazingly, at the average watch rate, Felix has given up over 50 million views by abandoning his daily upload schedule for a well-earned break from YouTube.

The fans are still leaving a massive number of comments every day, like this one [YouTube] telling PewDiePie he’s been like a brother to the fans:

I know you’re on a break. Well deserved. But just know – my 6 boys who all grew up with you – call u – “the seventh son”. Because you’ve been a great friend to all my sons as they grew up. They would fight with their brothers and all come together to watch you. And then, they were brothers again.

Or this one saying he’s like a father [YouTube]:

Pewdiepie: “I’m taking a break

Me: “He was like a father to me”

Or this one worrying that he’ll never come back [YouTube]:

imagine he pulls a filthy frank and never comes back lmao sadness intensifies

Meanwhile, the unofficial PewDiePie subreddit is on fire in Felix’s absence.

Felix Fans Share (PewDie)Pie Recipes

Source: Reddit

On the 2.5 million subscriber PewDiePieSubmissions forum, the Bro Army has gone into overdrive. They’re channeling their agitation into creative work by sharing pie recipes.

It strangely feels like they’re comforting each other over their “loss” with food:

Source: Reddit

Of course, many of the pie recipes and photos were Minecraft related:

Source: Reddit

Including this IRL Minecraft cake:

Source: Reddit

Someone made a medieval catapult cake, maybe in honor of Kjellberg’s Viking heritage:

Source: Reddit

And someone had a theory about the real reason PewDiePie is hiding from the camera:

Source: Reddit

We don’t know how long PewDiePie will be gone. But based on the outpouring of love from his “Bro Army,” his return won’t come soon enough.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:33 PM

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