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It’s not surprising one of the oldest forms of entertainment has made its way to the world wide web. The ads are everywhere, we have all seen. Due to the sheer amount of players, betting adapt and use technology to its full potential. But now it isn’t just any betting – we’re talking here about online blockchain gambling. From saving costs, through anonymity, all the way to accessibility — the benefits of online gambling are numerous but very few companies exploit them all to their fullest. In fact, it seems cracked the secret on how its done.

Blockchain: The new era in gambling

Since its introduction in 2008, blockchain has been gaining more and more popularity, especially the past few years. Many wondered if it was just a fad, or how real its applicability was. But there is nothing to wonder about — from providing cost-effective, near-instant, anonymous and secure funds transfers, and breaking the high entry barriers, to providing banking services to people without coverage — blockchain has many benefits to offer, almost all of which apply to the online gambling industry, as well.

Many online casinos don’t like to lose money and they would sometimes take unfair actions to keep their money for as long as possible, even when you’ve won fair and square. There are many cases of people waiting for days, even months before receiving their payouts.

Additionally, most casinos require you to register, provide personal information and trust them with your money as well. Not a really good mix, especially knowing how fraudulent they usually are. Without the need for any registration, critical information, or without ever getting into contact with your money — redefined what that a truly-decentralized lottery looks like.

In an interview for CCN, the team stressed heavily on how “significant changes must happen in the gambling industry. Such games should not be considered as something dishonest or dangerous. In fact, people should be able to just enjoy having fun and trying out their luck. Without being deceived. And [] is the first project which brought the really transparent ecosystem to the market.” the only fully-transparent and fair online casino

What makes stand out from the competition is that winning does not depend on any algorithm on the platform. In fact, you don’t ever interact with the platform. Instead, using solely Metamask, users make bets while trying to guess any of the 6 characters of the ETH block hash. Once the bet has been made, it is tied to one of the closest Ethereum blocks, essentially removing the possibility of interference from the lottery.

When a block on the Ethereum network is mined, its hash is analyzed to see if it matches the user’s entry and if there is a match — the winner receives their prize immediately, without any third-party interference, whatsoever.

Once a bet has been completed, the better automatically participates in 5 different jackpots — four time-based, a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal one, and one super-prize for when a user guesses all six characters of the block hash.

The current super-prize is more than 170 ethereum, or over 36,000 US dollars, with a minimum betting amount of 0.01 ethereum, or about 1.9$ — it’s that simple! That dream of becoming an overnight Cryptocurrency Millionaire is closer than ever. Don’t even think about missing your chance to amass some Ethereum before the next bitcoin bull run!

More information can be found on, the company’s website.

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