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The New ImmVRse Platform Showcases at London Blockchain Summit

Last Updated May 5, 2023 3:16 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 5, 2023 3:16 AM

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Held at the Olypmia, London, The Blockchain Summit featured an array of blockchain technology start-ups that were a hit with attendees. The ImmVRse team had numerous numbers of people queuing up to check out the new development, with many drawn to the idea of using virtual reality within the blockchain industry.

Virtual Reality has hit the market by storm, creating a whole new world of technology. We were intrigued to delve into video games using VR headsets, truly escaping into the games as if it were real life. Now, ImmVRse has come into action providing a new and exclusive way to connect the virtual reality world, with the blockchain industry.

The ImmVRse team had an instantaneous hit at the summit (held 26th & 27th June 2018, London), recieving a great amount of support and encouragement from the visitors. Attendees at the summit were quick to check out ImmVRse’s vision, amongst two other virtual-reality based start-ups exhibited. All three were highly popular, ensuring a successful outlook for the near future.

The primary aim of the showcase was to reveal what the ImmVRse platform can do, and for the public to realise how important ImmVRse is to the content market. As technology improves, so does the virtual reality world. The consistent and constant improvement of VR hardware results in high-quality VR content being produced. Next-generation gaming and virtual reality has exploded the video game market, whilst blockchain technology has greatly impacted the financial market. VR is the umbrella term for all immersive experiences created using real-world content – ImmVRse’s idea to combine the two, will undoubtedly grant them great success, creating the first of its kind decentralised digital video platform.


Limon Rahman, COO and Co-founder of ImmVRse explained

“One of the key messages I have been advocating is the importance of VR content. The industry has been going through an exciting period of growth and speculation in the past 12 months,”

“Numerous headlining snippets of news have been appearing on mainstream media. For instance, Google and AliBaba investing $1.4billion into Magic Leap to develop a head-mounted virtual retinal display and Spielberg bringing VR to the big screen with his movie, Ready Player One.”

ImmVRse’s vision with the platform is to bring people together. It will allow content creators, brands, and advertisers to collaborate globally, through the best of what virtual reality offer. ImmVRse have been contacted by a number of companies from a variety of industries, including: property, hospitality, filmmaking, and construction. Each have taken interest in how their respective companies can take part within the ImmVRse platform.

CEO, Farabi Shayor Added:

“ImmVRse will be the platform to bring all such content together and help showcase them to the world. Blockchain provides many benefits for our users including, gamification, rewards for participating, safe and efficient transactions between all stakeholder and copyright infringement.

The ImmVRse token sale is currently live until 11th August 2018. Progressing through the sale, the platform aim to next achieve reaching the ‘hard cap’ after their recent success, and predominantly, release the alpha version of the platform at the end of this year. ImmVRse also have several events scheduled in SIngapore, South Korea and Dubai. A busy year for the hard-working team, who have spent the past few days planning how they could potentially drive the growth of the industry in the near future. The ImmVRse team is filled with experts from various fields  – relevant technologies, IT management, virtual reality, computer security, and blockchain development. A vision is in focus, and well on its way to being achieved.

“We strongly believe that Virtual Reality will play a significant part in our lives during the next decade. This will come in many different forms and affect a wide range of business segments. Already, we are seeing huge transformations in the medical, gaming, manufacturing and educational sectors where substantial investments have been made in both hardware and software. The demand for specific and quality content unlocks opportunities for creative, collaborative and contribution of VR production, thus gradually revolutionising the virtual reality industry as a whole.” – ImmVRSE Whitepaper 

Key members include:

Farabi Shayor, CEO

Limon Rahman, COO & Co-Founder

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer

Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer

To learn more or participate in the pre-sale visit their Website: https://immvr.se/.