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Sydney, Australia May 20th, 2018; A new blockchain-based, digital advertising and services platform, Krios, positions itself at the intersection of two inexorable trends: the massive growth in digital advertising and the surge in blockchain for business technology and cryptocurrency transactions. The year 2017 notched a significant, long-awaited milestone: Advertisers spent more on digital than traditional TV. Globally, the total was $209 billion (according to Magna, the research division of IPG Mediabrands), and PwC calculated the figure at $72.5 billion in the U.S. alone. Blockchain is still in its infancy, but IDC expects to see spending top $2.1 billion on blockchain solutions in the coming year. (The cryptocurrency component of blockchain is even more astonishing, soaring from $16 billion to $600 billion during 2017, according to Coinmarket.)

[“2018 Will See Many More Cryptocurrencies Double in Value”-Forbes]

In the simplest terms, the Krios technology creates virtual ad agency environment- consolidating every aspect from securing specialized marketing talent and high profile social media influencers to managing production and campaign metrics for social media and marketing services. Every element is facilitated via the KriosCoin (“KRI”), an ERC20-standard utility token based on Ethereum, which provides a secure, private and decentralized method of confirming and conducting the transactions between advertisers, publishers, content creators, and businesses.

That’s a key part of the story for Krios. While the most established and familiar cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, racked up 1,318% gains in 2017 the underreported story of the year was the rise in newer coins. NEM, for example, rose 29,842% while Ardor was up 16,809%. Clearly, the opportunity for altcoins is impressive-and the potential for Krios, as a utility coin backed with a groundbreaking business model, could place it among the frontrunners in 2018 and beyond.

[“The rotation of cryptocurrencies allows investors who missed the initial wave of digital currency investment with bitcoin to invest in other digital currency assets.”-CNBC]

Leveraging Blockchain for Better Marketing

Speed, flexibility, accuracy make digital marketing and blockchain a natural fit. The Krios platform enables the creation of digital marketing campaigns that increase advertising ROI and allow small and midsize companies to compete with large conglomerates with far bigger staffs and budgets. The streamlined process saves time on due diligence, offering access to a wide range of vetted talent, such as content managers, social media managers, advertisement managers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, vloggers, marketing analysts, and more. In addition, an affiliate network with more than 30,000 influencers and celebrity endorsers not only allows companies to better reach their target markets, it eliminates the often-hefty fees charged by middlemen and agents.

Equally important, the Krios model overcomes several of the challenges that have vexed the advertising world as it transitions from print, TV, and radio into the digital realm: questionable metrics, bot fraud, billing malpractice, and widespread privacy violations, to name a few.

Facilitating Work Processes and Payments

While Krios’s “Build Your Campaign” feature handles all the tasks of a traditional advertising agency campaign, it does so in a way that stands to revolutionize digital marketing. Use of utility tokens within the Krios ecosystem avoids banking and currency issues, smart contracts facilitate work and payments, and integration of popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn simplifies the process.

Krios makes it easy for companies to connect with digital advertising professionals with the business looking for them, either through manual selection or employing a matching algorithm to match qualifications with project requirements such as product/service, budget, needs, and timeline. Upon agreement between the parties, a smart contract is executed using KRI, with a 3% transaction fee paid to Krios.

Once a marketing campaign is launched, businesses can monitor progress and communicate and share files with, and pay the participating professionals through their private, dedicated page on the user friendly Krios interface. At the successful conclusion of a project, all materials are moved to a secure archive and businesses offer ratings and feedback on each participant for future quality assurance.

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