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The Last of Us Part II Media Event Hypes PlayStation’s Most-Anticipated Game

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM

After month’s of radio silence, we’ve learned that developer Naughty Dog and Sony are hosting a The Last of Us Part II media event later this month.

Gaming conference host extraordinaire Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards fame announced the news late yesterday in a Tweet showcasing what appears to be an invitation slip. Both Naughty Dog’s and The Last of Us Part II creative director Neil Druckmann’s Twitter handles were included in the Tweet lifting any doubt as to the announcement’s legitimacy.

The image sets the event for Sept. 24 in Los Angeles, California.

Is Geoff Keighley Hosting The Last of Us Part II Media Event?


Amid the expected deluge of memes, uncontrollable excitement, and the odd jab at the hyper-violence on display in the two The Last of Us Part II trailers released to date was a cryptic response from Druckmann.

What ‘audition’ Druckmann is referring to remains a mystery, but may point to Geoff Keighley as a host for the event or his involvement in the game in some other, as yet undisclosed capacity.

Finally A Release Date?

As for what we can expect from the media event, the best we can do is speculate. A release date announcement seems the most likely candidate, especially considering The Last of Us Part II’s long-rumored Spring 2020 release window. Naughty Dog and Sony aren’t in the business of hosting game-specific shows for the sake of firing off a new trailer, and we expect them to stick to that established pattern.

The Last of Us Part II Media Event Due Later This Month
Source: The Last of Us Part II/Naughty Dog

Much of Sony’s recent attention has honed in on the marketing push for Kojima’s Death Stranding, and as we reach the end of that cycle this November when the game releases, The Last of Us Part II is the next big PlayStation 4 exclusive in the pipeline. The media event could be a platform to lay down the groundwork before the hype-machine starts churning its gears in earnest later this year.