The First Decentralized Real Estate Platform DirectHome Offers Free Tokens and Cash Rewards

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Real Estate is one of the biggest sectors in the world right now and has recovered well after the financial crisis of 2008. It is among many other industries that are looking to employ Blockchain Technology for the long-term and short-term benefit. One of the more popular ways of Blokchain-based systems is the removal of the third party between two transacting entities. Real Estate as we know is full of big realtors who control the market and its prices. By offering direct connection between the buyer and seller, Blockchain Technology can provide a groundbreaking approach that will challenge the very foundations of this huge industry.

DirectHome is one of the leading real estate platforms where users come to buy and sell properties all across the world. It has launched a new platform that is aimed at cutting costs and improving competition in the Real Estate Market by removing the requirement of a realtor in between and other useful features. The new Blockchain Real Estate platform is offering cashback rewards and free tokens right now to incentivize users on its new platform. The rewards program is part of their ongoing Token Generation Event that will allow crowdfunding of DirectHome.

What is the new DirectHome Ecosystem?

The DirectHome is a crowdfunded, crowd sourced, transactional platform that has the ability to cater for the needs of Real Estate searching, buying and selling around the world. Using a decentralized approach, the existing stakeholders include homeowners, seekers and developers are engaged in an ERC-20 token based platform with smart contracts implementation and a thorough user-friendly infrastructure in place.

Why Real Estate needs Improvement?

Real Estate has historically been sluggish to the idea of new technologies and fintech developments especially in the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies genre. The prime reason behind this attitude is that Real Estate is heavily regulated an the overall product is monotonous and registry-based.

Real Estate platforms like DirectHome are using Blockchain technology to improve the current practices and procedures involved in the industry. They include smart contracts for leasing, land registry based on the Blockchain Technology to help increase transparency and decentralized transactions.

The DirectHome is already an established Real Estate platform and it has transacted more than $350 million worth of properties around the world. Now the platform has been integrated with the Blokchain Technology and the Native Direc token will populate the platform for transactions and further incentives. DirectHome remains the only cashback offering Real Estate platform in the world.

The DirectHome Token Generation Event

The DirectHome crowdfunding campaign will be launched on May 15, 2018 and end of July 15, 2018. The soft cap is set at $3 million and the generated funds will be allocated for different purposes including IT Developments, marketing and sales, operations and administration, international expansion, development fund, and bug bounty program.

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