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That Dino Crisis Remake Was Never Going to Happen – So Why Are You Surprised?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • According to Prima Games, Capcom canned the Dino Crisis remake.
  • The news comes as a shock to some due to the recent renewal of the trademark.
  • Although it is unfortunate, this shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Word has come down the grapevine that the rumored Dino Crisis remake has been canned by Capcom . This is despite the publisher’s trademark renewal late last year.

If this news turns out to be true – and there’s no reason to think it’s not – then it’s not all that shocking.

Dino Crisis Just Doesn’t Have the Sales Power

Dino Crisis is somewhat similar to Resident Evil, a franchise that is capitalizing on the remake boom. But there’s a crucial distinction between these two franchises: Dino Crisis never managed to gain that same level of popularity.

People clearly like Dino Crisis. There is no shortage of videos online discussing and dissecting the games. But that hasn’t necessarily translated into a lucrative sales figure.

So if Capcom is going to kill the remake off, it makes an unfortunate amount of sense.

Dino Crisis - Sales Figures
Compared with a lot of other games in Capcom’s back catalog, Dino Crisis didn’t really sell all that well. | Source: VGSales Wiki 

It seems like these remakes are making a similar number of sales as they did originally . That’s a problem for Dino Crisis, which moved barely over 2 million units. 

Compare that to Resident Evil 2 – which sold over 6 million units – and you begin to see why Capcom might be reluctant to invest in a remake of Dino Crisis.

With that being the case, would Capcom even see a return on investment by resurrecting this game?

This Doesn’t Mean the Franchise Is (Completely) Dead

While Capcom appears to have killed this remake, that doesn’t mean it’s never happening. Stranger things have happened, and the recent renewal of the trademark is a potential sign that Capcom isn’t completely done with it yet.

Of course, they may end up going the Konami route of making peripheral products like pachinko machines. At the very least, we’ll likely see the Dino Crisis branding slapped on some product or another – even if the chances that a full-fledged remake is coming are seemingly slim.

At this point, a simple re-issue might make more sense. Just re-release the original game physically on modern platforms with some goodies for longtime supporters. Not only is that way cheaper, but it’ll also please those hardcore fans clamoring for a new game.

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