The Texas Bitcoin Conference Starts Tomorrow; Follow Me For Live Updates

Caleb Chen @bitxbitxbitcoin
March 5, 2014

Tomorrow, the Texas Bitcoin Conference (TBC) is kicking off at the Circuit of the Americas Technology and Conference Center.  The conference venue is a whopping 44,000 square feet and in order to properly utilize it the Texas Bitcoin Conference will be hosting everything from a hackathon to a “bitcoincert.”

The list of speakers is extensive; speakers are divided into three tracks which run simultaneously throughout the day: A Meta track, a Technical track, and a Merchant track.

I will be there tweeting live updates, so make sure to follow me on Twitter @bitxbitxbitcoin. See y’all there!

Texas Bitcoin Conference Hackathon

Hackathon Featuring 1 Million USD In Prizes

Texas Bitcoin Conference is hosting a Bitcoin 2.0 Hackathon simultaneously with the conference on Wednesday and Thursday.  The cost to attend the Hackathon is just $99.  Teams will compete to develop a Bitcoin related application for two days, with the winner being announced at the end of the Conference on Thursday.

David Johnston, the man behind the $1 million USD in prizes, publicized the event and answered questions on Reddit a few days ago.  When asked why he was backing this hackathon, Johnston replied:

I’m investing a million bucks because I believe whole heartedly that Bitcoin has pioneered a new model for developing technology. See my whitepaper on the subject.

Johnston is incredibly interested in jump starting decentralized applications and the top 4 teams from the hackathon will receive $250,000 in kickstarter style funding, once they start the process of fundraising.

Student Discounts Available

The Texas Bitcoin Conference took to Reddit for a last publicity push this past weekend.  Along with Johnston’s AMA, TBC officials also promised Redditors’ a student discount.  Though the discount is only officially for students with valid Texas student IDs, Yamamushi says to reach out to him on Reddit if you are a non-Texan student seeking a discount.

The discounted student price is $50 at the door, as opposed to $325.

Check Out Austin Texas’s Second Bitcoin ATM, Brought To You By CoinVault

This past Sunday, Central Texas Gun Works celebrated Texas Independence Day by hosting a community event in conjunction with the Austin Capital Area Food Bank.  The highlight of the event was the unveiling of CoinVault ATM’s first Bitcoin ATM.  Back in January, Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill became one of the first legal firearm dealers in the world to accept Bitcoin.  Undoubtedly, Cargill is hoping the Texas Bitcoin Conference will bring some extra business to his shop.  The CoinVault ATM is a branded version of the RoboCoin ATM

Mt. Gox’s civil rehabilitation procedure application has stolen the spotlight from the launch of several Bitcoin ATMs in the last week.  Just today, the United Kingdom joined the United States and Canada in welcoming her first Bitcoin ATM.  It wasn’t that long ago that Austin, TX received its first Bitcoin ATM, and the United States received her first bi-directional Bitcoin ATM.  There are now two bi-directional Bitcoin ATMs in Austin alone; not to mention, every reason to expect the same trend to sweep through your city.

Check out this video showing the new CoinVault ATM in action!


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