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The Tetris Movie Could Be Hollywood’s Best Game Adaptation Yet

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • The upcoming Tetris movie will be moving forward with Tarron Egerton as the main character.
  • The movie will follow the story of Tetris’ creation and licensing around the world.
  • While you might not think a movie based on the simple puzzle game could be entertaining, the story that surrounds its inception is an excellent plot for a film.

Tetris doesn’t seem like a property that would lend itself well to a movie. It has no story or characters at all for a start. It looks like something that just wouldn’t fit into the standard narrative frame of a major motion picture.

That is, it doesn’t make sense as a movie based on the game itself. If you look into the story that surrounds the making of Tetris, you find there is a lot to work with there.

It’s a good thing that the creators of the upcoming adaptation appear to agree with me because that’s what they’re basing the movie on.

Tetris Movie - Twitter Response
On Twitter, people seemed to think they’d be trying to turn the actual video game into a plot rather than adapting the story surrounding the production of the game itself. | Source: Twitter 

The Story of Tetris Is as Interesting as They Come

The history of Tetris features the USSR, The KGB, and international licensing agreements. There is a complicated web of political interference and a tragic element involving the game’s co-creator .

There’s a dark story involving one of the game’s co-creators. | Source: Twitter 

The larger story about the legal drama has fodder for a dramatic movie, and that’s what we appear to be getting, thankfully. Not some awful sci-fi adventure adaptation like that fan trailer from nearly a decade ago. 

A proper historical drama piece surrounding the legal troubles Tetris faced also has other benefits. This sort of serious drama movie from a major studio shows just how much the medium is growing up, even if some gamers never will.

The Film Has A Star Cast Too

The best news about the new Tetris movie is that it is going to star Tarron Egerton of the Kingsman series . Not only is he a decent actor, but he’s shown his power in biopic dramas with movies like Eddie the Eagle and Rocketman.

There’s a proven development team and cast behind the Tetris movie. | Source: Twitter 

If someone is going to bring the real-world struggle that went on to the big screen, Tarron Egerton probably has a decent chance of making that entertaining. Plus, Matthew Vaugn is producing, and he did a decent job with Kingsman and Kick-Ass.

If we want a robust set of video game adaptations, we need some more serious works. I don’t mean serious in the way that a grim, gritty, Call of Duty adaptation would be serious. I just mean that we need someone to not dismiss a serious drama because it’s also about video games. Tetris might just be the first movie to really do that.

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