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Tesla Killer: BMW Unveils Master Plan to Crush Elon Musk

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:42 PM
Lawrence Meyers
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:42 PM

By CCN.com: While Elon Musk has dazzled weak-minded investors with Tesla, and burned billions of dollars from the company’s coffers, BMW has quietly been planning to bury Tesla with a comprehensive electric car plan.

The BMW electric car plan is exactly what one would expect from the leader in comfort and driving experience. The BMW electric car blows Tesla away .

BMW Is a Dragon Compared to Tesla’s Insect

The BMW electric car plan is so important to BMW that they have made it the centerpiece of their strategic plan. They even call it “our model and technology offensive 2.0.” The first dozen slides  in their recent earnings presentation are entirely devoted to the BMW electric car plan.

The success of their electric car plan is staggering – and it hasn’t even ramped up yet.

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board, said in the recent conference call :

“In the first quarter alone, we sold more than 27,000 electrified vehicles. And, by the end of this year, we will have half a million electrified vehicles on the roads. In Europe, our percentage of electrified vehicles delivered is three times the industry average. In 2018, we were the market leader for electrification in both Europe and Germany – not just in the premium segment, but in the market as a whole.”

Tesla managed to deliver 63,000 vehicles in the same quarter, which sounds pretty strong until you consider that it took years of hype and billions in burned cash to get there. Tesla will only hit 360,000 to 400,000 deliveries this year.

BMW will have a half million on the road by year-end, and increase from there.

BMW Has the Ammunition to Dominate the Electric Car Market

The BMW EV strategy will skyrocket past Tesla, which can’t seem to manage to create more than a couple of working models at a time.

BMW will have 25 electrified vehicles, of which 12 will be fully electric, by 2025, including Rolls-Royces and MINIs. Krüger also added:

“The iNEXT is scheduled for launch in 2021. For the first time, we are combining electric and Level 3 highly-automated driving with high-end connectivity and a digitalised interior. All in one vehicle. What this means for customers is: A completely new experience of mobility and everyday driving qualities, with an electric range of more than 600 kilometres.”

The BMW electric car plan puts Tesla and Elon Musk to absolute shame. A car with a 600 km range is incredible. BMW will have a fleet of different choices for consumers while Elon Musk and Tesla struggle to make cars that don’t explode.

Choose BMW Over Elon Musk’s Empty Promises

Compare what Chairman Krüger says to Elon Musk’s endless empty promises:

“We are working hard to become more efficient, more profitable and much faster. Nothing is off limits. We are leaving no stone unturned. Our goal is to make structural efficiency improvements throughout the entire value chain. We are already implementing many of our decisions – and are now stepping up our efforts in all areas. By the end of 2022, these improvements will save us more than 12 billion euros”.

Meanwhile, Musk has to scrounge around to raise capital, and then only put up $25 million of his $20 billion fortune to keep the company going. Not only that, BMW is pressing hard for its Level 3 driverless technology, meaning fully autonomous.

Tesla self-driving cars are still crashing.

There is no comparison between garbage like Tesla and the fine-tuned machines of BMW.

BMW will crush Tesla and leave nothing behind. Not only that, every other major car manufacturer is producing some form of electric vehicle. They all have stronger balance sheets, too.

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