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TERA Blockchain Platform Announces Launch of Pioneering TERANova Update

Last Updated April 11, 2023 4:23 AM
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Last Updated April 11, 2023 4:23 AM

The development team of the high-end TERA blockchain platform  has announced the launch of the TERANova update of the system. TERA blockchain project, launched on the 1st of July, 2018, has resolved the main issues, such as scalability and speeds, with full decentralization, that currently limit the development of the blockchain industry.

On April 5, 2019, the creator of the project, Yuri Ivanov, announced the TERANova  update – a breakthrough for blockchain technologies.

“The essence of the TERANova update is that users can start mining without downloading the whole blockchain. This is a significant advancement over existing blockchains, which are very taxing on user computers and result in serious lags on the operation of entire networks. Decentralization through the use of PoW and transaction speeds of 1000 tps are real scaling, and that is what TERA offers. True decentralization is far more important in any blockchain than promises of reliable operation of centralized solutions”, as stated by Yuri Ivanov.

TERA is a re-invention of the blockchain protocol, which allows the creation of a fully decentralized and high-performance blockchain platform for the development of DApps using JavaScript. The blockchain works on the built-in TERA cryptocurrency with free transactions on the network, and all DApps stored inside the blockchain. Decentralization is implemented by PoW consensus thanks to an almost unlimited number of block-producers through the connection of nodes with each other in the form of a multidimensional regular grid with a fast delivery protocol of blocks, thus ensuring speeds from 1000 tps at 130KB block sizes, which are created every second and confirmation of 5-8 seconds. The new merged sharding protocol allows adding new chains without losing network security, which increases the total network speeds to 1 million transactions per second.

TERA allows the creation of forks with subsequent inclusion in the main network. The created blockchains can set emission rules and rewards for mining. Each new shard included in the network will increase the network’s general speed to 1,000,000 tps. Every node within the network is connected to the mining of the TERA blockchain by consensus with full preservation of security, as all the miners within the network work on calculating the same hash.


The proprietary blockchain of the TERA project serves as an information source for all network participants with unified coding about the order of the blocks and the information they contain. All other functions are implemented as infrastructure add-ons, while the underlying blockchain serves as a protocol for transmitting information. The network participants themselves decipher the information, thus increasing overall network throughput speeds and dividing the blockchain into the information transfer protocol and the DApps for information deciphering.

The technologies applied within the TERA blockchain are perfectly suited for developers of DApps and businesses seeking to make use of the technology for the optimization of internal business processes.

Apart from offering the necessary infrastructure for building blockchains and DApps, TERA also offers its own convenient TERA Wallet for rapid funds transfers, and the TERA Coin, which is the main tool for developers of smart contracts and DApps within the TERA blockchain.

TERA welcomes all willing participants to join the network as nodes and miners by installing the basic software package and synchronizing it with the TERA blockchain for free. The TERA project has already garnered significant support with not less half of the existing 1,800 nodes being located in China.

The creation of open infrastructures, such as the one pioneered by the TERA blockchain platform is a milestone breakthrough for the entire industry. TERA is the only project with impressive speeds of 1000 tps offered through the use of the consensus PoW that provides true decentralization. The application of innovative protocols by the TERA blockchain is sure to attract a large number of users to the project in the near future.

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