TeleX AI: Revolutionizing Chatbots With Artificial Intelligence

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TeleX AI, the chatbot powered by artificial intelligence seeks to eliminate the confusion users face in the cryptocurrency space by establishing a simple procedure.

Startup organization TeleX AI has created an artificial intelligence chatbot based on Telegram, an instant messaging service widely popular among the cryptocurrency community. Utilizing the convenient technical infrastructure of Telegram’s interface, the TeleX AI chatbot provides cryptocurrency-related services to the users.

The main goal of TeleX AI is to make processes as simple as possible and save time for the users within the cryptocurrency space. Those who use TeleX AI can avoid the lengthy registration process and friction associated with learning and adjusting to the interface of a new platform. To use TeleX AI is simple, one has to only navigate to Telegram and open a chat with Telex AI. The organization has conducted market research where the participants from the crypto space stated that the main priorities for them regarding applications are simplicity and convenience in user experience.

Users have to only message TeleX AI to send and transfer cryptocurrencies. TeleX AI offers every user a wallet where they can store multiple cryptocurrencies and benefit from the instant and zero fee transactions of the TeleX AI network. Users can also purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using TeleX AI’s basic wallet and exchange functionalities. As only the basic concept is set up, the organization expects the number of services to be expanded in the future as the infrastructure of TeleX AI improves. Examples for new functionalities include offering market data, selling mining contracts, providing trading signals, and many more.

TeleX AI users interact directly with the chatbot through the Telegram interface. The conversations are interpreted and processed by the chatbot on the backend, which is directly connected to the liquidity engine. The liquidity engine tracks the balance of the users and the routes to the deposits to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in order to provide liquidity. The order books of the exchanges are copied, and whenever a user places an order through the Telegram interface, the order is filled using one of the integrated exchanges, depending on the price and availability of TeleX AI’s pooled funds in those exchanges.

TeleX AI will hold a token sale to raise funds for their project. TeleX AI’s ICO will start on November 21, 2017. During the token sale, the organization will sell TeleX AI tokens to their investors, the cryptocurrency which is powering the TeleX AI ecosystem.