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Taylor Swift Passes Whitney Houston Despite Her Lack of Talent

It's a sad moment for music as talentless Taylor Swift breaks Whitney Houston's record. Whitney will always be the Queen of Soul.

  • Faith in the public declines as Taylor Swift and her mediocre vocals push legendary singer Whitney Houston off a top-spot.
  • Swift knocks off the late Houston’s record for most cumulative weeks spent at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart for a female artist.
  • Swift’s total comes to 47 weeks, one more week ahead of the legendary pop-soul singer.

30-year-old Taylor Swift and her feeble voice have managed to trump the accolades of one of the most respected artists of all time.

The singer’s eighth album ‘Folklore’ returned to the top of the Billboard this week and turned over another 87,000 units nine weeks after release.

Whitney Houston, who passed away at the age of 48, previously held the record of 46 weeks at number one across all of her albums.

Taylor Swift’s basic voice has seen inexplicable success. | Source: Twitter

Why Does the Public Love Taylor Swift So Much?

Whitey Houston was commonly celebrated as “The Voice” for her extraordinary vocal talent and mezzo-soprano vocal range.

In 2008, Rolling Stone praised the ‘Bodyguard’ actress for her “mammoth” voice and ranked her 34th of the 100 greatest singers of all time. In 2012, she sadly died by accidentally drowning in a hotel bath.

Taylor Swift and her baby-simple melodies have hardly been raved about by critics.

It’s widely known that the ‘Blank Space’ singer – who has a middling Soprano range – continued to have voice lessons long after reaching stardom.

Fans have responded to articles online to defend the late singer. One gushed that

Whitney will always be a legend no matter what.

Whitney Houston fans call her a “legend” | Source: Daily Mail

But not everyone has been so kind. One Taylor-hater even referred to the star as a “No-talent Robot” and scathingly commented that she needs her “batteries taken out.”

One harsh critic calls Taylor Swift a “No-talent robot” | Source: Daily Mail

Does America Have a Problem?

Is Taylor Swift’s secret being thin, blonde, and willing to prance around stage in skimpy leotards and short-shorts? Perhaps it’s that she can write lame, kooky lyrics that the American public finds “endearing.”

That, apparently, is all you need to surpass a talented singer with a powerful five-octave rage in this day and age.

Here’s a plea to the American public:

Please listen with your ears when you buy music records. Do not get distracted by high heels and push-up bras. That’s how Whitney would’ve liked it.

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