Talent Sourcing Industry Hub MDL Hits $500k Pre-Sale Hard Cap

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Talent sourcing Industry trust-chain company MDL has announced that it has already achieved its presale hard-cap and is now looking forward to its main Token Sale in March, later this year. The Sale is aiming to hit a total funding cap of $20 million USD for the development of the platform, various areas of business development and an R&D to facilitate the implementation of BC and PIDS technologies.

The MDL Vision

MDL Talent Hub aims to bring total efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology to the talent sourcing market. This market is comprised of various industries such as professional dancing, acting, modeling and many more. The project aims to consolidate supply and demand channels and establish permanent and immutable reputation scoring for each market user.

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MDL is striving to devise a solution to unresolved complications of the talent-booker relationship, including extensive search for talents, gigs, reputation tracking, and convenient, standardized presentation tools for both sides.

The MDL Platform

MDL talent hub is developing it’s marketplace to allow talented performers in various industries to exchange, sell, exchange or load their equipment and micro-KOL partnership programs with brands to advertise their products and services.

This service will be offered through the use platform participants who possess large reputation scores. Data mining known as Meta-data mining will be enabled via a Skyledger CXO protocol and will be supported by the MDL token, which is designed to accumulate in value over time.  MDL talent hub has other plans to fight market saturation with some fresh new functionalities such as a dedicated marketplace ecosystem, live streaming and partnership programs with various different brands.

MDL token holders will be able to utilize many of the different platform’s functions and also gold membership features. The MDL system focuses specifically on time, so holders of MDL tokens will be rewarded for how many hours they hold their tokens for. The system is designed to benefit participants for holding MDL Tokens in the long term and supporting the project.

New Ventures

MDL token has recently just partnered two big projects, both with solid community followings: Skyledger and YOYOW, a Shanghai-based project that develops blockchain infrastructure for social media on a global scale.The company believes that current means of booking talents are outdated logically and technologically.

Through the implementation of blockchain technology, and a number of different approaches the industry may witness MDL design an instrument called a reputational model. This will allow all market activity to be both traceable and consolidated. In addition, using the MDL Token will help to create an ecosystem which will allow the company not only to attract more participants but also fairly disperse sources of income.

Visit the MDL Website: http://mdl.life/