Exclusive: Bermuda to Announce Launch of a Crypto-Friendly Bank Next Week


By CCN.com: It looks like the skies will be much clearer for the crypto and blockchain community in Bermuda soon. A bank that will accept blockchain and crypto companies appears to be just around the horizon. Bermuda Premier David Burt made the announcement during a one on one interview with BBC journalist Priya Patel at the Consensys Lounge, today. This was one of the many events at the World...

Court Orders Swiss Crypto Mining Firm Envion to Shut Down

SEC Woodbridge Group Ponzi Scheme

Envion AG, a crypto-based firm that aimed to combine cryptocurrency mining with green power, has been shut down by the cantonal court of Zug, Switzerland. The company was reportedly dissolved due to an alleged unauthorized Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on November 28, local German news outlet Handelsblatt reports. Envion was established to serve as an off-grid mining company which makes use of...

Swiss Financial Services Company Raises $100 Million to Launch Crypto Bank

bitcoin bank

A financial services company based in Zug, Switzerland has raised roughly $104 million (100 million CHF) from investors as it looks to create a bank to lets consumers trade fiat for digital currency. According to Bloomberg, Seba Crypto AG raised the cash from a mixture of private and institutional investors. One of the people behind the venture said the company has been speaking with the Swiss...

Zug’s Crypto Valley Aims to Elevate Women In Male-Dominated Industry


Zug’s Crypto Valley Association (CVA) will add two women to its board of directors in a move designed to boost the presence of women in the male-dominated cryptocurrency industry. “We want to create a space that works for everyone rather than just carry on with the same old boys’ club and their cronies,” CVA rep Leeanne Abapo Senn told SwissInfo.ch. “Our objective is to elevate the dynamic women...

Roger Ver Sent Governor of Jeju Island $100 in Bitcoin Cash, Did it Violate Local Policy?

Roger Ver MtGox

Roger Ver, a prominent cryptocurrency investor who has backed some of the largest companies in the global crypto sector such as Blockchain, Zcash, BitPay, and Kraken, recently sent the governor of Jeju Island of South Korea $100 worth of bitcoin cash at a public event. Humorous Kim Yeong-Ran Rule Banter Over the weekend, Ver visited Jeju Island to promote the usage of cryptocurrency and discuss...

Switzerland Tries to Stem Exodus of Cryptocurrency Firms


Regulators in Switzerland are trying to stem the exodus of cryptocurrency firms after two banks in the country’s small but flourishing virtual currency industry shut down recently. Industry insiders are worried that the exits could kick-start a trend that will cause Switzerland to lose its edge as a cryptocurrency haven, according to Reuters. Some customers are flocking to offshore rivals...

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Hopes Centralized Exchanges ‘Burn in Hell’

Vitalik Buterin ghash 51% attack

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has stated that he would like to see centralized cryptocurrency exchanges “burn in hell as much as possible”, while conceding that such a time may yet be a while off. He made the remarks while speaking at the TC Sessions Blockchain 2018 event on July 6 in Zug, Switzerland. Responding to a question from the host on whether decentralized exchanges...

Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ Set To Test Blockchain Voting

Zurich, Switzerland cryptocurrency bitcoin ICO

Residents of the Swiss city, Zug, will use the city’s eID system to vote using their smartphones this month as part of a blockchain based voting test, according to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. From June 25 to July 1, residents will download an app to register to vote. The city, home to what’s known as the “Crypto Valley” because of its numerous blockchain startups, established its eID...

Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Enters Switzerland after China’s Curbs


Chinese bitcoin mining heavyweight Bitmain is foraying into Europe with a new subsidiary established in Switzerland. Currently under construction, ‘Bitmain Switzerland’ will see its base in Zug, commonly known as the world’s ‘crypto valley’, a report from Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung reveals. Among the subsidiary’s authorized is Bitmain chief executive and co-founder Jihan Wu, according to...

Zug Citizens Begin Digital ID Registration on an Ethereum Blockchain

Zug Bitcoin Blockchain Ethereum

Uport, a self-sovereign identity and user-centric data platform on the Ethereum blockchain, has made its platform available to the citizens of Zug, Switzerland. The first official Zug identification registered on the Ethereum blockchain before a live audience, Uport recently announced in a Medium blog. Access To E-Services Uport partnered with Zug, commonly known as the “Crypto...

Bitcoin-Friendly Swiss City Announces Ethereum Digital ID Pilot

Zug Bitcoin Blockchain Ethereum

The city of Zug, commonly known as the ‘Crypto Valley’ for hosting a number of industry startups, has announced a new Ethereum-based identity service for residents. Come September this year, residents of Zug will be use a mobile app to connect their identity with a cryptographic address on the Ethereum blockchain. Residents’ personal information will be secured on the blockchain when registering...

Govt-Backed ‘Crypto Valley Association’ Launches in Switzerland


Fintech-friendly Switzerland sees the launch of a new non-profit blockchain advocacy and development group with the launch of the Crypto Valley Association, backed by the government. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland’s ‘Crypto-Valley’ that is home to a number of bitcoin and blockchain startups, the new association will set out to support “the development of blockchain and cryptographic related...

Swiss Town Zug Continues Allowing Bitcoin Payments for Municipal Services

Zug bitcoin

The Swiss town of Zug has decided to continue accepting bitcoin payments for municipality services following a pilot that launched in July 2016. First announced in May, the picturesque lakeside town of Zug, also known as “Crypto Valley” for its embracive approach to Fintech, revealed a pilot program wherein it allowed bitcoin payments from its public for city services. A payment of up to 200...

Bitcoin Suisse Founder: European Banks Will Soon Offer Bitcoin Wallets

Bank Bitcoin

Bitcoin Suisse founder, Niklas Nikolajsen, has said that European bank accounts will eventually be offering bitcoin wallets. In an interview with finews.ch at the Fintech Conference Finance 2.0, Nikolajsen explained that while European banks will soon be providing bitcoin wallets he didn’t specify which banks these would be, only that it would ‘not be an exotic bank.’ While digital currencies...

Zurich Rejects Initiatives in Switzerland by Refusing Bitcoin Payments

Zurich, Switzerland cryptocurrency bitcoin ICO

The Swiss capital has taken the stance of refusing to allow bitcoin payments, going against the creativities throughout the country. According to local news outlet, Finanz Und Wirtschaft, there are no plans to implement the digital currency into the city at present. The city council of Zurich believe that bitcoin won’t prevail and have refused bitcoin payments of fees or taxes. This news, of...

“With Bitcoin, We’re Sending a Message,” Says Swiss Town Mayor

Bitcoin Zug Switzerland

It was early May when the Swiss town of Zug convened a city council meeting. By the end of it, bitcoin was accepted as a valid mode of payment for municipality services, part of a pilot program. Fintech-friendly Zug, a picturesque and serene town on the banks of lake Zug made headlines in May after gaining the distinction of the first municipality or locality in the world to accept bitcoin. The...

Swiss Town Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Municipal Services

Zug Bitcoin Accepted

In the idyllic, sleepy town of Zug in Switzerland, a city council meeting today saw the authority decide to accept bitcoin as a valid payment for municipality services as a part of a pilot program. Already a burgeoning Fintech destination, the town of Zug in Switzerland (some call it Crypto Valley, with over 15 industry-relevant companies) is further endearing itself as the go-to destination for...