0x Gains 12% and Tokens Rise During Volatile Cryptocurrency Markets

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The crypto market has been extremely volatile over the past 24 hours, especially small tokens and digital assets, possibly due to the decline in volume in the past week. Bitcoin’s Weird Movements Yesterday, on July 21, the price of bitcoin surged from $7,400 to $7,600 in a span of 10 minutes, with a spike demand on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance and Bitfinex. However, almost...

Bitcoin Reigns Supreme in July as Tokens Money Comes Back to BTC

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Throughout May and June, even during bear markets and strong downward movements, tokens performed relatively well against bitcoin. So far, in July, bitcoin has proven its dominance through a stable performance against the US dollar. Why Bitcoin is King, For Now Over the past three months, tokens have had a solid basis to increase in volume and price, mainly due to two major factors: the approval...

Crypto Market Struggles After Mini Bull Run, Ripple Price Down 5%


Subsequent to demonstrating a mini-rally on July 18, the crypto market has declined by $12 billion, triggered by a large drop in the value of tokens. Ripple’s Downtrend Since Wednesday, bitcoin, the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market, has performed relatively well against the US dollar. Its volume, which remained below $3.5 billion last week, has rebounded to $5.2 billion, and tripled on...

Bitcoin Price Struggles but 0x and BAT Surge Upon Coinbase Announcement

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Coinbase, the world’s largest crypto exchange, brokerage, and wallet platform has announced its intention to list Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX), causing the price of tokens to surge, while bitcoin has struggled to demonstrate any major price action. The release of the statement of Coinbase was taken aback by the crypto community, as...

Crypto Market Remains Above $250 Billion as 0x, Status, and Tokens Surge


The valuation of the crypto market has remained above the $250 billion mark, closing July 1 at $255 billion. Tokens have performed particularly well, recording gains in the 10 percent region. 0x, Status, Funfair, and Aion The top performers of July 2 were ERC20-based tokens 0x (ZRX), Status (SNT), Funfair (FUN), and Aion (AION). ZRX demonstrated the largest gain amongst major digital assets and...

Cryptocurrency Market Rebounds: Bitcoin at $9,400, Tokens Post Large Gains

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The cryptocurrency market has rebounded over the past 24 hours as many tokens such as EOS, Ziliqa, 0x, Ethos, Loom, and ICON recorded large gains against both bitcoin and the US dollar. Best Performer: 0x 0x, also known as ZRX and the 0x Protocol, is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain network that serves as the native cryptocurrency of the 0x Protocol, which serves as the base layer...