Ripple Sends 100 Million XRP to Stellar Founder & ‘XRP Army’ Is Furious

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When crypto giant Ripple sent 100 million XRP to Jed McCaleb over the weekend, the transaction did more than just make the project’s long-departed co-founder $26 million richer. It also sent the so-called “XRP Army” into a tizzy. Why Ripple Is Paying XRP to a Rival Cryptocurrency’s Founder McCaleb, who had a messy breakup with Ripple back in 2014, later went on to help...

Lawsuits and Ripple Labs Sales are Bad News for XRP

XRP, Ripple

By CCN Markets: To say that Ripple (XRP/USD) is a laggard would be a huge understatement. The cryptocurrency has been in a long downtrend ever since it posted an all-time high of $3.30 in January 2018. It is currently trading around $0.25 which is a massive devaluation of over 92 percent in over a year and a half. The brutal bear market has made many XRP holders unhappy. Some are starting to...

Ripple CEO Garlinghouse Slams FUD Because ‘It’s Clear XRP Isn’t a Security’

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple, XRP

Investments in XRP has dwindled dramatically in 2019, indicating that not many are using the crypto-asset for its intended application: that of behaving as a bridge between fiat currencies for cross-border payments. The result is an underperforming token, now down more than 23 per cent against the US dollar. Investors have their reasons to keep a safe distance from XRP. The token is now a part of...

Female Hacker Fesses Up to 100,000 XRP Fraud Down Under


By CCN Markets: 7News Sydney reports that Katherine Nguyen is the first-ever Australian resident to plead guilty for cryptocurrency fraud after stealing 100,000 XRP. In 2018, twenty-four-year-old Nguyen hijacked the email account of an elderly man of the same surname for two days before handing back access. The first person charged over cryptocurrency fraud has pleaded guilty, swindling almost...

Ripple Devotees are Taking Out ‘Balls Deep’ Loans to Buy XRP

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Die-hard Ripple fanatics are going “balls deep” in debt to buy XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple. One Twitter user known as XRP PHOENIX said he’d taken a loan for “way more than [he] can afford to pay back” to fund his crypto purchases. Just went BALLZ deep in $XRP Took out a loan for *way* more than I can afford to pay back I am NOT bragging or flexing here. My aim by staying this...

Ripple CEO Defends XRP Following Washington, DC’s Crypto Response

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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has taken the opportunity to plug XRP as a solution to the concerns raised by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Speaking on Twitter, Garlinghouse said that he hopes regulators recognize that not all cryptocurrencies are cut from the same cloth in terms of their potential to facilitate crime and money laundering. Just watched @stevenmnuchin1’s press conference on...

Ripple Pledges $500 Million to ‘Create Real Use Cases for XRP’

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In under 12 months, according to Ethan Beard, an executive at Xpring, an initiative created to improve the Ripple ecosystem and create use cases around XRP, Ripple has committed more than $500 million. In the upcoming months, Beard stated that Xpring will invest in various open source protocols, developer projects, and large scale partnerships related to XRP to develop more “real use cases...

Ripple Alum to Spearhead Binance US Crypto Exchange


After two years as head of XRP institutional liquidity at Ripple, Catherine Coley is moving to greener pastures. Coley was named CEO at BAM Trading Service at Binance U.S., according to her LinkedIn profile. Her experience with both one of the largest cryptocurrencies, XRP, and institutional investors should serve her well in this high-profile role in which she will seemingly oversee the trading...

Irish Crypto Exchange Bitsane Vanishes While Exit Scamming 246,000 Users

Exit Scam, Bitsane

Following Coinroom, Bitsane is the second crypto exchange that has pulled an exit scam in the past three months, leaving up to 246,000 users as victims of fraud. Image source: Facebook It Started With a ‘Technical Issue’ Bitsane victims reported to Forbes that users had problems withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the exchange in May. In response to the issue, the operators of the...

These Top 10 Altcoins Are Dropping Fast While Bitcoin Gains

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It’s no secret that the Bitcoin price is gaining and gaining, but other coins up near the top have seen corrections as a result. Some coins automatically increase in value if they’re mostly traded against BTC. Crypto Markets Auto-Correcting? If traders feel uncomfortable with these new values, they can trade these downwards, which is precisely what’s happened in at least the following five top...

XRP Price Could Soar More than 60% Based on Technical Signals: Analyst


By CCN Markets: On June 6, author and chartist Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) took to Twitter to share his bullish view on Ripple’s price action. In his tweet, he mentioned two cryptocurrencies flashing bullish signals against Tether US (USDT): Litecoin and Ripple. While he did not specify the targets for Litecoin, he emphasized two target prices for Ripple, which are 0.5688 and 0.6260. Peter...

Ripple (XRP) Price Attempts Comeback after Weekend’s 12% Plunge

XRP, Ripple price

By CCN Markets: Ripple (XRP) has attempted a pullback after dropping more than 12-percent over the past weekend. The XRP-to-dollar exchange rate established a cycle low of $0.371 on Sunday at 1600 UTC. The downside action pushed XRP’s market capitalization to as low as $16.04 billion, down 11.47-percent from its Saturday peak level. At its year’s highest, XRP’s market...

At Least 100 XRP Wallets Alarmingly Exposed at Ripple Service Provider

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By CCN: Gatehub Founder and CEO Enej Pungercar wrote a public letter disclosing that the company’s infrastructure had been compromised and at least 100 wallets were likely affected. The letter explains that an exploit was located in the company’s API, which enabled certain wallets to be affected. Users were urged to get their money off of Gatehub and into other XRP wallets while the issue was...

Ripple & XRP: An Uncertain Future in Banking Hangs in the Balance

Ripple, XRP

By CCN: People are feeling notably bullish about Ripple, or XRP, depending on what you’re talking about. The token price is earning bullish calls on Twitter. .50 cent and beyond incoming $xrp — Sir Gordon Gekko (@gordongekko369) June 2, 2019 Fifty cents would go a long way to making longtime XRP investors whole and earning handsome returns on long-held investments. It would also limit...

Ripple: Why Corporations, Banks Love It While Crypto Community Hates It

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By CCN: Ripple is arguably the most divisive cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the company surpassed a 200-customer milestone as financial institutions such as Transpaygo, WorldCom Finance, and Euro Exim Bank signed up for RippleNet. If Ripple was like any other cryptocurrency, enthusiasts would have celebrated this accomplishment. Except for the XRP Army, the company is not getting any love...

Ripple (XRP) Price Nosedives in Shocking 25% Plunge after 2019 High

XRP, Ripple, Ripple price

By CCN: Ripple’s honeymoon in the cryptocurrency market may be over. The XRP-to-dollar exchange rate on Friday established an intraday low towards $0.359 on BitStamp amidst a flash crash action. The pair attempted to bounce back, but the volume was not adequate to erase its latest drop. On the whole, it plunged up to 25-percent in just two days, implying that its previous bullish sentiment...

Coinbase Launches XRP Trading in New York, Price Promptly Explodes 20%

Coinbase, bitcoin price crash

By CCN: Coinbase has expanded its exchange platform to support XRP trading in New York. In a tweet on Monday, the cryptocurrency exchange confirmed that New York state residents can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store XRP online or via the Coinbase apps. XRP (XRP) is now available to Coinbase users who are New York residents. New Yorkers can now log in to buy, sell, convert, send...

Ripple is Monstrously Expensive after Explosive 2-Day 31% XRP Rally

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By CCN: World’s third largest cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has appreciated up to 31-percent against the US dollar in just two days. The XRP-to-dollar exchange rate Tuesday established an intraday high towards $0.405, up 25.05-percent since the market open on Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange. The pair dropped as much as 5.05-percent ahead of the European session to neutralize its overbought...

Germany’s No.2 Stock Exchange Enables Investors to Buy Litecoin, XRP

Börse Stuttgart, XRP, Litecoin

By CCN: Börse Stuttgart, the second biggest stock exchange in Germany and the ninth largest in Europe, has approved the listing of litecoin and XRP exchange-traded notes (ETNs). “For the first time in Germany, investors can now buy and sell exchange-traded notes (ETNs) based on the cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Ripple (XRP). The four securities issued by XBT Provider in Sweden track the price of...

Amazing! Ripple Inks a Deal with a $40 Billion Money Transfer Giant


By CCN: Ripple has announced its latest partnership. Ria Money Transfer will use RippleNet to facilitate real-time blockchain-powered global payments. XRP, of which Ripple is the largest holder, is up 1% today. Ria Money Transfer’s yearly money transfer volume is approximately $40 billion. They rank as the No. 2 service provider in the remittance industry. Ria will leverage RippleNet...

1 Billion XRP: Ripple Dips Into Escrow Wallet to Move $300 Million in Crypto

XRP, Ripple

By CCN.com: Ripple Labs moved 1 billion XRP out of escrow yesterday, currently valued at around $300 million. Part of a monthly transfer, Ripple reportedly moves any excess funds back into escrow at a later time, or in the case of last month’s escrow, waits until next time to use any. The 55 billion XRP escrow account was created about two years ago to ensure liquidity and supply. Business as...

Amazing! Nasdaq to Add XRP Liquid Index, Crypto Bulls Rush In


By CCN: Nasdaq exchange is adding Brave New Coin’s XRP Liquid Index tomorrow, sending crypto traders into a bull frenzy. Within an hour of the announcement, XRP had surged by about 4%. The announcement comes within months of Nasdaq adding Brave New Coin’s (BNC’s) Bitcoin and Ethereum Liquidity Indexes – BLX and ELX. They are all part of the Nasdaq Global Index Data Service. The...

A $50 Billion Banking Giant Launches International Payments with Ripple’s XRP

SAAB, Ripple, XRP

By CCN.com: At the Financial Sector Conference on April 24, Saudi British Bank (SABB) announced the launch of its Instant Cross-Border Transfer Service, a payments infrastructure based on the Ripple blockchain network that utilizes crypto asset XRP for liquidity. With nearly $50 billion in assets, SABB initially joined the Ripple network in January 2018 with the support of the Saudi Arabian...

Ripple Reveals Crucial 54% Sales-Spike with Institutions Buying XRP

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Ripple, the company behind the development of XRP, the third most valuable crypto asset in the global market, officially released its Q1 2019  XRP markets report. The document indicated Ripple sold $169.42 million from January to March and institutional sales accounted for $61.93 million, more than 36 percent of all its sales. Quarter-over-quarter, Ripple saw a 54 percent surge in institutional...

Inside Ripple’s Disastrous Year: XRP is the Worst-Performing Major Crypto of 2019

XRP, Ripple

By CCN.com: Ripple’s XRP is having a disastrous start to 2019. In a year when bitcoin is storming back towards bull territory, XRP has crashed 16 percent. The third-largest cryptocurrency is now the worst-performing digital asset in the top ten. Ripple’s woes worsened in yesterday’s trading session as XRP’s value dropped 7 percent, plunging below the key $0.30 mark. XRP is consistently...

Ripple (XRP) Price Rises 3% But the Swell Looks Doomed

Ripple, XRP,

By CCN.com – Ripple Labs is a big mover this Thursday, as the company saw its XRP token rise as much as 3-percent since the Asian session open. The XRP-to-dollar exchange rate formed an intraday high towards $0.344 after spending an entire week in a red zone. The pair jumped on moderate volume with traders changing hands the same as they did in the previous sessions. Therefore, onlookers...

Ripple Co-Founder Donates $25 Million in XRP to California University

Chris Larsen Ripple

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen announced to attendees at a San Francisco State University celebration on Thursday that the company would donate $25 million in XRP to the university. The University stated the Ripple bequest was the largest cryptocurrency donation ever made to a U.S. university. As CCN reported,  Ripple (XRP) was up almost 13-percent ahead of the open of European markets on Friday...

XRP Swells 13.06% in a Sharp Recovery as Ripple ETPs Take Off

Ripple ETP, XRP

Ripple was a big mover this Friday as the company saw its XRP price rise nearly 13-percent ahead of the European market open. The XRP-to-dollar rate today established an intraday high towards $0.372 at about 0515 UTC. Earlier the same day, the pair was moving downwards in a massive bearish correction wave that confirmed a reversal upon testing 0.329. The bounce back move came on a substantial...

Does Ripple Control XRP? ‘Absolutely Not’, Insists Ripple CTO

Ripple, XRP, David Schwartz

One of the issues casting a shadow on the XRP cryptocurrency is just how decentralized it is. After all, Ripple owns the lion’s share of XRP’s supply and relies on the cryptocurrency to power its cross-border payment products.
Ripple CTO David Schwartz, however, insists that the blockchain startup is not pulling the strings on the cryptocurrency.

Ripple, Not XRP: Spanish Banking Giant Santander Clarifies Crypto ‘Confusion’

Ripple, XRP, Stantander

Santander Bank wrongly gave Ripple fans hope when a member of its support team tweeted the following on Friday: Hey Wes, we're doing great. We're using XRP for international payments to 18 EU countries and the USA. This is on our iPhone app called One Pay FX. ^TC — Santander UK Help (@santanderukhelp) March 23, 2019 xCurrent 4.0 to Provide “Seamless” Access to xRapid...

Ripple or XRP – If There Is a Difference, It Doesn’t Matter!

XRP, Ripple

A group of us received an e-mail first thing this Sunday morning. A Ripple/XRP aficionado wanted to let us know we’re “very unprofessional” for interchangeably using the terms “Ripple” and “XRP.” The “XRP Army,” as it were, likely has its sights on CCN. We have no editorial policy regarding these terms in place. A writer is free to use whichever term makes their meaning clearer. Ripple fanatics...

Ripple Executive Denies Bribing Coinbase For XRP Listing; Should You Believe It?

Ripple XRP

Miguel Vias, the head of XRP markets at Ripple, denied allegations of paying off Coinbase to list XRP on their cryptocurrency exchange. The response followed a series of bribery accusations shot towards Coinbase after its sudden announcement of adding XRP trading pairs to its platform on Feb 26. In contrast, the US exchange had earlier remained cautious of the said listing. As many speculate...

Switzerland’s National Exchange is Listing an XRP Investment Product

Ripple xrp

SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange based in Zurich, could list an XRP Exchange Traded Product soon. This was made known in a report in BlockCrypto, on Monday. The XRP ETP, which is floated by Swiss crypto startup Amun AG, will be launched under the “AXRP” ticker. The exact launch date of the XRP ETP is unknown, but buyer interest will play a part in the upcoming ETP. Amun...

Ripple Gains Acclaim as One of Silicon Valley’s Best Places to Work, But Roblox is Better

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Ripple Work Environment Now List-Worthy If anyone was still living under the illusion that working in blockchain or cryptocurrency meant sacrificing the quality of your work life,  you might have finally been convinced otherwise. “Great Place to Work” named payment system Ripple as the 17th best place to work in Silicon Valley among small to medium-sized business. Shout out to Roblox at number 16...

Ripple XRP Says The Revolution Will Be Televised – What Revolution?


Ripple’s regular movement of funds from its escrow wallet to a hot wallet is always noted by crypto whale watchers, such as Whale Alert, which tracks large movements of coins. Ripple conducts a transfer at the beginning of every month and usually returns a large portion of XRP back to escrow. They are authorized by smart contract to use the whole amount if necessary, but prices have been kind to...

What Made Ripple’s XRP Gain 9% Against the US Dollar in Just 3 Hours?

XRP, Ripple

Ripple on Wednesday posted 9% gains soon after Swift announced a partnership with R3, a blockchain consortium. At 0800 UTC, the XRP/USD was trading at 0.2934 on Binance. As the market sentiment kicked in, the pair posted three consecutive hourly sessions in green, taking the value to as high as 0.3292. By 1300 UTC, Ripple had risen to 12.2%. In comparison, Bitcoin surged at a modest 1.29%, and...

Dow Jones Makes a Comeback After Opening Bell Selloff; Cryptocurrencies Immune from the Chaos

dow jones stock market hedge fund

U.S. stocks opened the year firmly on Wednesday, as fears of a slowing Chinese economy rippled across the financial markets. The major indexes have since recovered the bulk of their declines with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounding more than 300 points from the intraday low. Cryptocurrencies were largely immune from the chaos in traditional markets, as capital poured back into the...

It’s ‘Ripple’: Kraken Wades into XRP Cryptocurency Naming Debate


As Kraken adds XRP margin trading, it appears to have been drawn into a Ripple versus XRP naming debate that first emerged earlier this year. How the debate began with Kraken is unclear, but Kraken tweeted in an obvious response to a reference to its adding “Ripple XRP” to the platform and a recent blog post announcing the additions of XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its margin trading offering...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Margin Trading


Kraken has added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Augur (REP), Monero (XMR), and Tether (USDT) bringing its margin trading offering to a total of eight cryptocurrencies. Margin trading of all eight will be available on all of Kraken’s platforms. The latter site boasts an improved user interface and integrated charts and tools as...

Major Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Lists Ripple’s XRP as a Base Pair


Crypto exchange Binance has added Ripple’s XRP as a base currency on the exchange. With this announcement, it means that XRP will now be used more as a primary asset that can be used to make purchases of other cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Although some minor digital exchanges have already added XRP with other altcoins and fiat currencies, this will mark the first listing of its kind...

Ripple CEO: Ripple is Just One Participant in Ecosystem


Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has stated that XRP is  not only independent of Ripple, but the XRP ecosystem hosts Ripple as just one of a number of participants. He made the comments during an “Ask me anything” session as part of a Q4 2018 sit down with Ripple Senior VP, Marketing, Monica Long. The session tagged “Ask Me Anything with Brad and Monica” included a number of interesting...

Western Union Hints At Using Cryptocurrency In Its Services


American based financial service Western Union is finally ready for cryptocurrencies. In a video interview with Reuters Plus, Western Union President Odilon Almeida said the company has been evaluating the use of cryptocurrency. They are also exploring how they can improve their service delivery using blockchain technology. Western Union is interested in adopting cryptocurrencies as an option for...

Coinbase Pro Adds Another Four Ethereum Tokens Including DAI


In a slew of additions and developments, and not unexpectedly, Coinbase has added four more Ethereum tokens. Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR), and Zilliqa (ZIL) will be added to the Coinbase Professional platform but with some regional restrictions. GNT and DAI will be available in the US, but not New York, in the UK, the EU, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. MKR and ZIL will be added to...

What is Holding Coinbase Back From Integrating Ripple (XRP) Into its Exchange?


On December 7, Coinbase, a leading crypto-to-fiat exchange, announced it is exploring 31 crypto assets to integrate into its exchange. One of the cryptocurrencies the exchange has been looking into is Ripple (XRP), the second most valuable asset in the cryptocurrency market with a market valuation of over $12 billion. Although Coinbase expressed its intent to list XRP in the future, the majority...

EOS, Bitcoin Cash Drop Biggest as Top Cryptocurrencies Correct Lower

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EOS continues to face more rapid capitulation than its peer blockchain projects after falling another 11% in a day. The EOS/USD rate on Tuesday established an intraday low at 2.41-fiat, down 28.27% from its weekly high at 3.36-fiat. Meanwhile, the maximum drop noted in the EOS market capitalization this week touched $861 million, according to the data available at CoinMarketCap.com. The downside...

Coincheck Resumes XRP Trading, 10 months On From Infamous $530 Million Theft


Embattled crypto exchange Coincheck has announced the resumption of trading pairs for XRP and FCT tokens effective Monday, November 26. In a statement on its website signed by company President Toshihiko Katsuya, it was revealed that starting from Monday, deposits and sales of the two cryptocurrencies will be partially restored alongside a few ancillary services. It will be recalled that in...