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Bitcoin ETN Suspension Not a Big Deal: Securities Lawyer

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In July, Sweden’s XBT Provider introduced a Bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) to the US market. This week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended the ETN for 10 days. On September 10, the SEC released an official statement regarding its decision to suspend the Bitcoin Tracker One ETN for ten days, until Sep.t 20. The statement, released on the SEC website, explicitly stated...

SEC Halts U.S. Trading of Swedish ‘Bitcoin ETF’, Bitcoin Markets Not Impacted

SEC Halts Swedish Bitcoin ETF, Ethereum Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has halted trading of two foreign cryptocurrency investment products, including one that investors commonly referred to as the “Swedish bitcoin ETF.” SEC Leashes Bitcoin & Ethereum Investment Products The SEC announced the temporary trading suspension on Sunday, while U.S. markets were closed for the weekend, claiming that “there is a lack of...

‘Bitcoin Tracker’ Pegs Price At $4,000 By Year’s End

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Daniel Masters, chairman of XBT Provider, which offers a “bitcoin tracker” that people can trade on the Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm, said he expects bitcoin to trade at $4,000 by year’s end. “I think what we’re witnessing here is a revolution,” said Masters in a CNBC interview. “Bitcoin is emerging as the transactional layer of the Internet, as programmable money and as digital gold.” XBT...

Bitcoin Traded Certificates Resume Nasdaq Trading Following Acquisition

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A bitcoin investment vehicle designed to enable European investors with liquid access to returns of bitcoin is now live again on Nasdaq Nordic following its acquisition by a US hedge fund. XBT Provider, a fully hedged bitcoin investment vehicle and the developer of Bitcoin Tracker (COINXBT) and Bitcoin Tracker EUR (COINXBE) has announced its acquisition by Jersey-based hedge fund Global Advisors...

Bitcoin Miner KnCMiner Declares Bankruptcy

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KnCMiner, who recently won a lawsuit against complainants who had sued over late or failed delivery of one of the company’s previous iterations of bitcoin mining hardware (the Titan) , has filed bankruptcy ahead of July’s mining reward halving. The Swedish Bitcoin mining company’s CEO Sam Cole cited energy taxes and uncertainty about the future of the Bitcoin mining market over the weekend in an...

XBT Provider AB To Expand Bitcoin-Based Investments In Response To Rising Demand Amidst Declining Global Asset Classes


XBT Provider AB, having launched what it claims is the world’s first bitcoin-based instrument on a regulated exchange, Nasdaq Nordic, plans to expand globally with its Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker Euro, the latter having performed well against major reserve currencies and global asset classes, according to Nasdaq. The Stockholm, Sweden-based company plans to secure larger...

World’s First Bitcoin Security Launched on Regulated Exchange


Monday morning was another watershed moment in Bitcoin history as the digital currency broke new ground in Sweden. Finansinspektionen, Sweden’s controlling authority for finance, gave permissions for Stockholm’s own Bitcoin-based tracker XBT Provider to be released in a public launch last month on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. Trading on the exchange began this morning. World’s...

KnCMiner Launches XBT Provider, Bitcoin Tracker One


After our story about KnCMiner facing class action lawsuits, several readers wrote in to thank us and share their stories as well. We expected to receive some comment back from KnCMiner regarding the claims being made against them by more than two dozen clients representing several dozen thousands of dollars. We never did. However, today we’ve received word that KnC has launched a Bitcoin...