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Gaming Analyst Paints Wild $800 Price Tag on Sony's PlayStation 5

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has absolutely dominated the console wars hands down against Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Switch console. The company will be aiming to do the same with its PS5. Sony has reportedly moved 94 million units of the PS4 over the console’s lifetime. The Xbox One is nowhere near those levels, with overall sales of 42 million units since it hit the market. So it is quite easy...

Xbox Two Could Thrash Sony PS5 in the Next Round of the Console Wars

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By CCN: Sony’s PlayStation 4 dominated this round of the console wars, leaving Microsoft’s Xbox One in second place year after year. The lifetime sales of the PS4 just crossed 94 million, while the Xbox One is way behind with just over 42 million in sales since launch. Both consoles launched within a week of each other in November 2013, so it is clear that Sony is doing something right where the...

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